Monday, October 05, 2015


Reflecting Light has been reflecting lightly for 10 years, since September 2005. I'm suspending it now -- I say "suspending" because I don't know, sometime I might want to revive it, but it's only fair to readers to acknowledge that the thrill is gone, the amusement is gone, and there's no point keeping the blog on a drip feed of occasional posts.

I've decided on this course for various reasons, but I suppose the main one is that it no longer serves any purpose. Quite a bit of what I wrote some years ago was satire on then-current events, often political. But today's reality is so twisted that it's beyond my ability to satirize. I am hardly alone in thinking Western civilization is in existential peril: we will be lucky to escape being saturated by government control, including of speech and self-expression, or subjugation to the forces of jihad, including jihad by migrant invasion and massive birth rates among the migrants. I can't laugh at such prospects and poking fun at rampant madness seems now like a futile gesture.

Of course there are other subjects besides the geopolitical, and maybe I will (after a suitable respite) take them up as I often have in Reflecting Light, maybe in a new blog. Right now I don't feel up to it.

Is any hope left? Of course: God, love, wisdom. May you experience one or all.


zazie said...

So sad....You are right of course not to feel like commenting our current world in a satirical style ; yet I am sure you could adopt a more abrupt tone, couldn't you?

Stogie said...

Keep in touch, Rick. I will miss your excellent expository writing skill, your insights, your periodic outrage. You are a good friend, one I want very much to keep.

Deborah said...

Best wishes, Mr. Darby. I will cherish the insights I believe I gained reading yours and Mr Auster's writings - not that many years ago.

Rick Darby said...

Thank you all. Feel free to stay in touch by email.


The Neutralist said...

Sorry to see you go, but now have time to go over what you wrote previously that I've missed due to lack of time. Of course that assumes you are not going to remove the blog soon.

Notice you have also suspended Ghost Money. I like your insights. said...

I've enjoyed your blog tremendously, which has a very unique perspective. I understand the feeling of losing steam. Like rock bands, maybe all of us only have so many years of "good stuff" in us. I feel that way at times, but I've enjoyed your blogging while it lasted. Good luck in all things.

garter snake said...

Yours was one of the great underrated blogs. Are you on Twitter? That seems to be where the action is these days.

Rick Darby said...

Garter Snake,

Thanks! I hadn't looked at the comments-in-waiting since I discontinued the blog a year ago, so I am sorry I didn't respond to yours at the time you wrote.

No, I'm still not on Twitter or any other social media. If I wanted to carry on I'd stick with Reflecting Light, but I'm letting it rest. As I noted in my last posting, I cannot adequately comment on the current national and global dementia.

At some point I suspect I will start a new blog centered on arts and letters, assuming Armageddon is postponed.