Sunday, September 18, 2005

Is this what building the pyramids was like?

Apologies to my as-yet nonexistent readers for the lack of content so far. I've been working on designing the shell while trying to get my head around HTML tagging, something I've never done before save for those workhorses bold and italic.

Still, the graphics aren't bad to look at if I do say so myself. I'm much happier with them than what Blogger provided. (To give credit where it's due, so far Blogger seems well designed for those like me whose knowledge of computer technology isn't exactly at the cutting edge.)

Fiddling with the look of the site will be put on hold after one more go at it, more real links will be added, and blogging will commence.


FuturePundit said...


With regards to HTML: If you are not doing so already it always helps to treat HTML from other web sites as a guide on how to do things. A few HTML books help as well. I have one by the O'Reilly publishing house that I use for reference. Also, on my blog front pages some of the blogs have links to some web HTML reference sources.

Good luck with the blog. You are in the process of discovering just how much work is involved. But it can be very rewarding.

One comment I'd make on when to write a blog post: If you want to be able to find some facts and some research report again then blog it. Also, always try to swim upstream from media reports on some study to try to find the original study and the web site of a think tank or researcher. I treat my web logs as extended memory banks for arguments I know I want to make in the future. The best old posts are pieces of a larger argument that gradually builds.

FuturePundit said...

BTW, I once climbed to the top of Mount Olympus in Greece and found no gods. Did meet a Greek American from Akron Ohio and a golden retriever dog at the top.