Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Turkey Chute

How did I know, without even reading the bio note, that the author of this piece would turn out to be from Comet Academe, whose orbit intersects with the Earth's about once every century? (The last time was, oh, maybe in the 1950s.)

Taso G. Lagos, "who received his Ph.D. in political communication" (what new perversion of scholarship is that?), "lecturer in the Department of Communication and the Honors Program at UW" [University of Washington, that is, Seattle on the Left Coast] -- a junior functionary in a degree factory -- wants us to know that Europe is too hard on those nice Muslims.

The European Union finally has agreed to start ascension talks for Turkey's full membership into the European community. This is a welcome stand after recent attempts to slow Turkey's membership drive.

French and German leaders loudly resisted the change in status, claiming that adding a nation of 70 million Muslims is political suicide for Christian Europe.
Christian Europe? Can he really be that ignorant? Europe today is about as Christian as, well, Turkey (which conveniently, like other Muslim countries, religiously follows the rule, "No shoes, no shirt, no Islam -- no services"). I suspect Lecturer Lagos knows better, but can think of no worse description than "Christian" to suggest that any opposition to giving 70 million Turks the run of the EU is mere bigotry.

Let me supply him a generous helping of more rope:
Recent events in the Netherlands — a once-tolerant nation to immigrants, now less willing to extend a hand to the non-Dutch on grounds that newcomers, particularly Muslims, don't assimilate into Dutch culture — seem to further justify this fear. When an extremist Muslim murdered a popular Dutch filmmaker last year, Europeans saw this as proof that tolerance does not work.
Yes, Lecturer and dhimmi dummy Lagos, at least a few Europeans who were smarter and more honest than average saw that, because it was true. Many Muslims are decent people in their way, but they passionately believe that there is only one spiritual source, Mohammed as recorded in the Koran, and only one legitimate religion, theirs -- and "tolerance" is not part of their mental equipment: ask Theo van Gogh. Well, no, you can't.

Question the teachings of the Prophet, imply that something might be amiss with a religion that respects women as fully equal to dogs, and it's only a few Muslims who'll be happy to cut your throat for you. The rest will merely nod wisely to one another.
Let them into the EU, so they can settle anywhere in Europe in any numbers, and all these little misunderstandings will be a thing of the past. Once all Europe is under the Crescent.

Having been educated, if such a word may be used, at one of our country's many all-leftist all-the-time seats of learning, Lecturer Lagos has probably never heard of taqqiya. (The Muslim doctrine of taqqiya, "concealment," allows Muslims to lie to unbelievers, especially when living among infidels. For example, you can publicly shun terrorism while sending secret contributions to Al Qaeda.)

When even France and Germany, who cheerfully imported intractable social problems along with their millions of Muslim workers, and whose commitment to Western civilization can be imprinted on a spymaster's microdot with room left over for The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, acknowledge that there might be a wee problem in inviting Turkey into the club . . . maybe there's something involved that even a Lecturer in the Department of Communication might think twice about. Or rather, think for the first time.


bernie said...

For more on al-taqiyya there is a video at
Planck's Constant

I referenced your article

Anonymous said...

Mr. Lagos is a very nice man and I don't appreciate you being so caustic toward him, right or wrong.