Friday, November 04, 2005

Dumb pleases

DumbJon, who posts at House of Dumb, could easily be an understudy for Mark Steyn and should be better known than he appears to be.

Jon's beat is British (mostly) politics and how the mainstream media cover them. That hardly sets him apart from the crowd, but his style is both venomous and witty (one without the other won't do). He's among the best I've encountered in blogdom for holding the mirror up to the preening, self-congratulatory moralizing of professional conscience dispensers and apologists for wicked behavior by the Oppressed Group of the Week.

Here he is on the U.K.'s equivalent of the ACLU:
The Left’s opposition to anti-terrorist legislation isn’t based on any particular principle, except the principle of throwing their hand in with anyone who hates Britain. This is the sheer nihilism of the modern Left. Everything they ever believed has been proven to be nonsense, so now they don’t actually believe anything more concrete than vague fantasies of the Golden Age that will follow when they're no longer oppressed by the system, man. They’re a bunch of angry losers endlessly shrieking out their hatred for the civilization that seems to get along fine without following their asinine ideology. No wonder they get on so well with the Islamopaths.
On the ever-listing-to-port BBC's coverage of the violence between Muslim Asians and blacks in Birmingham:
Speaking personally, I loved the BBC’s coverage of the Birmingham riots. Plenty of folks may not know any better than to swallow the BBC's line about events in Iraq or Israel but the cat is well and truly out of the bag as far as Birmingham goes, and no amount of Beeboids interviewing each other about these totally inexplicable disturbances between unknown groups of people will put it back in again.

Perhaps sensing a sudden run on their credibility, the BBC has launched a counter-offensive to try and rescue themselves from public ridicule. To sum up their line: we lied because we’re so honest, or as the BBC puts it:

'Journalists at the BBC want to report fact, they want to be accurate. They don't want to be in a position where they report every rumour that springs from the rumour mill.'

Hey, anyone got an up to date body count for the New Orleans flood ?
Even if we assume that BBC policy has suddenly changed since they were reporting 10 000 floating dead in the French Quarter, we’re talking about information that was being reported by virtually every other MSM outlet and which has not been seriously questioned by anybody: just how does the BBC define ‘rumours’ ?
He can be more serious and socially conscious, though, as when he urges his countrymen to drink themelves to death for Britain.

Now if only there were more Brits like DumbJon and fewer scoundrels frozen in their tracks by fear of offending certified victim groups, the U.K. might have a future other than cringing dhimmitude.

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George said...

What actually happened in the Birmingham riots? I retain the impression that some miserable failures amongs the West Indian population first slandered and then attacked successful Asian businesses who happen to be Muslim. I'm still not sure of your take on this, even after reading the blog entry. I guess you are saying that the Beeb can no longer hide the identity of the rioters. But I am afraid that this riot did not show the Asian (and Muslim) community in Birmingham in a bad light, to say the least.