Monday, January 16, 2006

New styles in culturally sensitive policing

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Officer Frank Fergle of the 815th Precinct models the new uniform issued to police on the beat. Badges will be worn on gold neck chains. "We have a large and growing population of gang bangers in our area, and we are confident that the new uniform will enable them to relate to the police force better. Additionally, it will aid in our Outreach Drive to recruit young people who maintain a hip-hop lifestyle," said a police spokesperson.

The Eight-Fifteen is taking its cue from one of the more advanced police forces in the world, that of West Australia. This season, the culturally sensitively dressed police person in West Oz will step out in turban or hijab. (Tip of the hat: Dhimmi Watch.)

The Australian reports:

NAVY blue hijabs, loose-fitting shirts and turbans emblazoned with the police logo will be part of a new range of West Australian police uniforms. ...

Superintendent Duane Bell said under the initiative, officers would be allowed to keep their beards or wear shoes made of synthetic materials rather than leather in order to remain faithful to their customs.

"In essence, we recognise that the police uniform has been a barrier to people wishing to become police officers, from certain ethnic backgrounds," Mr Bell said.

Police constable of the West Australia force. She says, "I am proud of my uniform, which symbolises a new spirit of openness."

Those Aussies, though, what a pack of regressive know-nothing whingers they are. Can you believe one cop was so cheeky as to ask if officers would also be allowed to knock off during working hours so they could pray facing Mecca?

Fortunately, such old-fashioned attitudes are becoming rarer. For too long, police persons' working attire has created an artificial divide between them and their customers. Many officers also appreciate being able to wear their colors instead of a blue garment that radiates the oppressiveness of Western society. Just ask Officer Fergle.

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"Yo, check out my new dress uniform with street cred, it's phat, you know what I'm sayin'?" says Fergle of the Eight-Fifteen.

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JesseM said...

Would you object as strongly to a proposal to allow catholic cops to smudge ash on their foreheads on ash wednesday, or a proposal to allow orthodox jewish cops to wear yarmulkas (and maybe even beards and sidelocks)? I don't know if I'd support such things, but I certainly wouldn't treat them as an attack on Western Civilization. Have a look at this article, which seems relevant to this issue:

The Pressure to Cover