Monday, August 14, 2006

Sun rises in west; Observer talks sense

There'll always be a Dhimmiland, but light may be dawning, and from a surprising direction.

The Observer, a Sunday version of Al-Guardian, printed a leader (the British term for editorial) describing as "ludicrous" the letter by U.K. Muslim leaders claiming that "young Britons who last week were accused of plotting to blow up passenger planes in mid-air would have been less susceptible to al-Qaeda recruitment had Britain not fought wars in Iraq and Afghanistan."

This has been the standard line of the Muslim Establishment at least since last year's Underground and bus bombings by domestic terrorists — that young hotheads just can't contain themselves when they read about Tony Blair making nice with the U.S. in the Middle East, so they have to chill out by dressing up in the latest detonation wear to blow themselves and as many hapless infidels as possible into mix-'n'-match body parts.

Oddly, this very explanation is offered by some of the same multi-culti cheerleaders who pour scorn on the unsophisticated, paranoid, "racist" nutters who imagine that there is a worldwide jihad that includes "respectable" domestic Propheteers.

But the prospect of 10 airliners being exploded in midair to crash in cities, even if mitigated by their being American planes and cities, seems to have concentrated minds wonderfully at The Observer:
It is … a logical and moral absurdity to imply, as some critics of British policy have done, that mass murder is somehow less atrocious when it is motivated by an elaborate narrative of political grievance. If young British Muslims are alienated, that is sad and their anger should be addressed. But anyone whose alienation leads them to want to kill indiscriminately has crossed a line into psychopathic criminality. Policy cannot be dictated by the need to placate such people.

British Muslim leaders are entitled, along with everybody else, to raise questions about the conduct and consequences of Mr Blair's foreign policy. But they have a more immediate responsibility to promote the truth: that Britain is not the aggressor in a war against Islam; that no such war exists; that there is no glory in murder dressed as martyrdom and that terrorism is never excused by bogus accounts of historical victimisation.
Muslims' constant rationalizations for terrorism no longer appear to be playing very well, even in the heart of Londonistan. It says a lot that thoughts such as those quoted above have appeared in The Observer. I am happy to give credit where it's due.


Anonymous said...

Give it time - the "rationalizations" will be back. I estimate a couple of months.

Your blog is very enjoyable - really good writing. Came to it via Untethered - another great blog.

Anonymous said...

Germany is not involved in Iraq, Afghanistan or Israel, yet al-Beeb reports a failed attempt by 'dark haired young men' to carry out attacks on German trains.

Obviously dhimmitude offers no protection. See

P.S. We need to profile 'dark haired young men'.

P.P.S. We also need to profile blond haired young men since their hair color could be due to excessive exposure to peroxide.

Rick Darby said...

Actually, religion of pieces, I have known several blonde haired women whose profiles I have admired.