Friday, October 06, 2006

Hold the champagne

Don't break out the bubbly and clink glasses yet.

It is remarkable, and encouraging, that Congress has passed a law for fencing off part of the border with Mexico, and that El Presidente felt the heat enough to feel he had to sign it. Even one year ago, such an event would hardly have been conceivable. It shows that American patriots aren't consigned to history, that they can still make their principles count against both transnational progressives' ethnic replacement schemes and the President of Mexico, who currently sits in the White House oval office.

Symbolically, it really is something to celebrate. Symbolically, America has triumphed over the Latin American invasion.

But, according to our strange political system, the practical effect may be nothing at all.


This morning, American Pravda, sometimes known as The Washington Post, gleefully explained how the tranzis and El Presidente are working at full steam to nullify the vote. El Presidente and his ruling junta will pretend, against the obvious intent of Congress and the people, that the vote was for “a combination of projects – not just the physical barrier along the southern border. The funds may also be spent on roads, technology and ‘tactical infrastructure’ to support the Department of Homeland Security’s preferred option of a ‘virtual fence.’”

So, our representatives foolishly imagined that they were voting in favor of a barrier to close part of the Mexican border to trespassers. El Presidente, however, knows better than mere citizens and their voices in Congress. It was really a vote for more roads, with signs in Spanish directing "migrants" to sanctuaries where they can evade the Border Patrol.

George W. "I-am-the-law" Bush is our Julius Caesar. He will observe the formalities of the old Republic while undermining them. The irony is that Bush, nominally a Republican, knows he can count on Democratic wrinkled radicals who own the courts to support him. The people of Arizona recently approved through a referendum the bizarre idea that to vote, you ought to have to show that you are the person you claim you are; naturally the Politburo members on the federal court overturned it this week.

I am not Brutus. I preach no insurrection and plot no plots. Unlike our Caesar, I believe a government of laws, not men, and the quaint notion that the government is there to serve the people rather than rule them. Bush should be impeached for treason and convicted.

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