Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's the end of the world. Now what?

I wish there was a morning-after pill for this election.

One of Lawrence Auster's correspondents, RB, sums it up:
Things look pretty bleak. Unfortunately the following is now the most likely scenario as this new century unfolds. The treason party which includes the Bush-McCain Republicans and the Pelosi Democrats are now free to flood the country with millions of amnestied illegals, guestworkers and their consequent enormous chain immigration. While the US can survive some immigration, this enormous number (some estimates say 66 million over the next ten years—and of course untold numbers afterward) will lead to the end of the US in its present form. I foresee massive unrest and possibly civil war in the Southwest.

Also the enemies are gathering. Resentful masses from south of the border led by the likes of Chavez will enter into an alliance with the Muslims. Terrorists as well as ethnic agitators will stream into the US. Very likely America will fragment into even more pieces than the Soviet Union. Also, abetted by “the champions of the downtrodden working class” known as Democrats, big business will scour the world for cheap labor and this will include a reservoir of eager comers from teeming Muslim areas like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indian Muslims, Egypt, Indonesia etc. These will form large Muslim enclaves here as is now the case in Europe.

With the end of America, there will be no one left to stand up to the growing Islamic power and Muslims will indeed take over Europe and most other areas of the world. In addition, they will accomplish what even Hitler was unable to achieve—put an end to Jewish history. The only way this world domination would be averted is if China, the one remaining superpower, and one without the destructive western guilt and PC mentality realizes that its civilization is now on the line and takes the sort of extreme action that westerners find so distasteful.

RB is probably a little over-optimistic.


Vanishing American said...

Maybe I am seeing things from a gloomy perspective, but even if the election had gone the other way, what are the odds of a different scenario? The Republicans in most cases were/are not much better on the issues that really matter. It's only because of enormous public clamor against the amnesty bill that the GOP house, with their feet to the fire, withstood the President. I don't think they would have done so if they had not been pressured.
And as far as Islam is concerned, how many in the GOP are willing to call a spade a spade, and act accordingly? I think our chances are not much different with the Democrats controlling Congress. And maybe with their minority status, some of the Republicans might decide to discover some conservative principles, especially if their constituents hold them accountable.
Anyway, maybe I am wrong; it's been known to happen, but I think the situation is bleak -- but not much more than it would have been if the Republicans had been victorious.

Your Image Here said...

I refuse to ''cry in my beer'' as has suddenly swept across ''the blogosphere'' and talk radio. In fact I found myself turning off the radio as soon as I heard 'the funeral dirge'. The D's didn't win, the R's committed suicide.
And I have no sympathy for suicides.
I'll post my own 'post-mortem' soon.
BTW, I did indeed ''sit this one out'', already explained why and have no regets.