Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Britain leads the world in race replacement

The Telegraph of London reports that one in 10 Brits lives outside the country, and they're jacking the United Kingdom at a clip of 200,000 a year. They're bailing out to places all around the world (see The Telegraph's map) — 10,000 British choose to spend part of their lives in Bulgaria.

BBC Five radio yesterday broadcast an interview with expats phoning in from the Canary Islands, Spain, Poland, and somewhere else in Eastern Europe I can't remember. Others said they were planning on moving to Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. Why did they leave the U.K. or expect to, the presenter wanted to know. Predictably, most mentioned Britain's lousy weather, high taxes, the lack of decent affordable housing and other such practical reasons, but one or two brave souls — brave perhaps because they were beyond the reach of the U.K.'s "hate crimes" laws — acknowledged that they were sick of political correctness.

Whatever the given reasons, I would suggest that one of the main motivations for the widespread British diaspora is mentioned in the Telegraph article:

The current emigration is more than balanced by the record numbers of foreigners arriving in Britain, with net immigration running at around 200,000 — easily the highest in the country's history.
Official figures show that the non-white British population grew by more than half a million between 2001 and 2003 while the white British population fell by more than 100,000, largely because of emigration and a low birth rate.

Whole countries (with the U.K. leading the pack) are now undergoing the kind of social shift that American cities experienced beginning in the 1950s and that picked up steam in the '60s and '70s: a mass influx of nonwhites to the inner cities induced an equal and opposite reaction as whites moved to the suburbs to escape a perceived growth in crime, disorder, and crowding in the cities. The difference is that now it's countries, not cities, undergoing race replacement as international corporations with jobs on offer in far-flung locations, the homogenization of popular culture, cheap phone calls, and jet travel make moving to presumably greener pastures practical for many people.

Because of its leftist media and government the U.K. may be at the leading edge of the immigrants in-natives out trend, but the same tendency is encouraged in all the European Union countries. In Rome I saw a phenomenon that is now common, I gather, throughout Europe. Within a short walking distance from two of the city's most renowned attractions, the churches of Santa Maria Maggiore and San Giovanni in Laterano, is an immigrant district with all the standard trappings: stores selling cut-rate fashion knockoffs and acres of tacky jewelry, street stalls selling ditto, and lots of young men hanging out. They smoke, they argue with one another, they wait for something that will lift their lives up — basically, pretty much the same things they would have been doing if they'd stayed where they originated. Do they wonder why they bothered? Or are their lives, limited as they are, nonetheless better than anything they could have expected in their former homelands?

I hardly need to add that the Mexican Invasion and the hispanicization of the United States present the same picture.

The race replacement that is occurring so fast and so visibly in Europe and the United States surely has not escaped the notice of the ruling classes. Even if it's only through their inaction, they are behind it. I think it's more than malign indifference, though, it's something they want.

The reasons have been much discussed here and elsewhere in the blogosphere, as well as among many citizens privately when they're confident they won't be called before a diversity board and lose their jobs or their freedom — which is to say, discussed practically everywhere except in the mainstream media.

There is the ideology of liberalism, which says that (a) there is no such thing as race, it's only a social construct, and (b) the white race is the devil and the oppressor of all other races, so anything that can be done to replace white majorities is all to the good. There is the High Priesthood of EU bureaucrats, who scorn national identities and traditions that are sand in the gears of the Great World Unification Project. The International Business Establishment prefers to replace white workers, with their history of unionizing and political freedom, with Third Worlders who will do what they're told and shut up because that's how things have always been for them. The social work branch of the nanny state can't wait to have millions of new clients and programs to administer. In short, a centralized state, driven by economics and leftist politics, designed to serve business and bureaucracy, finds it much easier to direct a population of immigrants they can buy off with dole money, high-rise nests of subsidized housing and social services paid for by taxes on whatever is left of the middle class.

As for the natives panting to reach escape velocity, the pin-striped overlords put up a warning sign: "DANGER. Swinging doors can seriously affect your health. Make certain that the door is securely fastened as you exit the society."

But when the world's "suburbs" like Australia and New Zealand are full up or decide they've had enough refugees, and the United States is North Mexico, where will everyone fleeing the race replacement campaign go? The last helicopter out won't be able to hold everyone who wants to climb aboard.


Vanishing American said...

Good post.
I've been pondering this story, and after reading the Telegraph article, I'm still not clear on how many of the expatriates are of foreign origin, since apparently so many are going to places like Pakistan and the UAE. It would seem that a certain number of the expats are British passport holders who have roots elsewhere. Still I am sure that there are large numbers of real British people who are feeling driven out of their own country.
I get the sense, from what I hear from that side of the pond, that a lot of British people are angry about the population replacement that is going on; I get the sense that they are in many cases aware of what is going on. I think they may awaken before most Americans do, (or I hope so, as a lifelong Anglophile.)
Your accounts of what is going on in Italy interested me too; I had wondered to what extent the demographic changes are happening there.

Rick Darby said...
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Rick Darby said...


Yes, it makes sense that in a country that thinks it can't get enough immigrants, some of those immigrants will show up in the data as "emigrants" who spend a significant part of every year back in their cultural homelands. All statistics have to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Still, the story supports the anecdotal evidence, including my own experience, that an extraordinary number of Brits are getting the bloody hell out of the UK, whether they settle in France, "Chiantishire" (Tuscany) in Italy, Spain, Gibraltar, the United States, Australia, or practically any place that will take them.

This is what socialism and a demented immigration policy have visited on the country that within the past century was bringing law and civilization to many of the lands its modern citizens are fleeing to.