Monday, February 19, 2007

Querido Banco de America

The Charlotte, N.C.-based Bank of America, which three years ago took over FleetBoston Financial, is now testing a credit-card program for illegal immigrants in California - and tentatively has plans to expand the program nationwide next year, The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday, quoting bank officials. ...
Spitzer [spokesman for the Massachusetts Bankers Association] said the move is a logical extension of services already provided by banks, which under federal laws must give checking and savings account services to illegal immigrants, if they have IRS numbers or the Mexican government’s “matricular” identification card.

Querido Banco de America,

Hello! I am ill eagle immigrant. I like six cards de credito, please, every one with borrowing limit of $50,000 Yanqui dollars. I have business both sides of border, perhaps I not better say exactly, but very profitable. ¿Comprende?

Now you ask por que I need los cards de credito if so much dinero is made, eh? I know you good friend to migrants, so I tell you. Several of my mejor sub-patrons have looked around recently and found their heads stuck on pikes, little joke of my competitors. I believe hiring handicapped, but heads missing bodies simply no good to me as enforcers. Therefore has been temporary drop in profits.

With your so generous credito, will be going great guns again soon, and I do mean guns, where competition is concerned!

I am muy confidente Banco de America and I be fine amigos going forward. Anyway, our government, I mean, Yanqui government, has as you know affirmative action program for los illegals. I don't have to show you no stinkin' Social Security numero. My consulate provide all matricular cards you need, no extra charge if you want more for my campadres.

Your amigo,
Jorge W. Maquilladora y Gonzales

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