Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mark your calendar: Free speech in the EU ends Sept. 11

The mayor of Brussels has banned a demonstration outside the EU headquarters against the Islamization of Europe. According to Paul Belien at the Brussels Journal:
Mayor Thielemans is worried that the demonstration will upset the large immigrant population of Brussels. Over half the inhabitants of the Brussels region are of foreign origin, many of them from Morocco. According to the mayor there is a real danger of violence between demonstrators and Muslims living in the neighbourhood. The latter might not tolerate native Europeans protesting against their continent becoming Eurabia.
So, as of September 11 — the day planned for the demonstration — it will be illegal for people to gather for a peaceful protest (peaceful as far as the protesters are concerned) because the non-natives are restless.

The arrogance of the EU masters has finally reached escape velocity from the hard-won right of citizens to express their views without fear. The EUrocrats no longer even feel compelled to cover up their suppression of free speech; all they need to do is point to the danger of a tribal mob making trouble because it won't like what it hears.

It will be a historic day, this September 11: the official beginning of a post-democratic, post-European Europe. The new Jacobins, mad daddies of a radical leftist-Islamic ruling class, have taken over the palace.

The protest sponsors haven't given up; they're looking for ways to circumvent the EU rulers, including showing up with blank signs. This is getting interesting. It coincides with other evidence that Europeans are waking up from their coma and even starting to take action to reverse the sinking of their culture into dhimmitude.

By the way, did your mainstream newspaper/TV station/radio station report this story? I'd be surprised. Not nearly as important as "30 Years After His Death, Elvis Lives on in the Digital Age," the page 1 head of the bubble-gum chewing USA Today.

I've had a look at the proposed Free Europe Constitution as suggested by my good friend Anonymous, and am not impressed. What do they mean by "
Free Europe means human development in its richest diversity and is therefore good"? (Italics in the original.) "Human development" is bureaucratic babble that is either meaningless or signifies social engineering. "Richest diversity"? More bureaucratese, but I inherently distrust anything with the word "diversity" in it.

Also: "Decisions in the EU should be made by agreements between governments. Delegation of national legislative power to EU institutions is possible; withdrawal of such powers, both in specific cases and generally is equally possible." Agreements between governments have been happening for thousands of years: they're called treaties. Who needs the EU? The next sentence says that national governments can delegate their powers to the EU (but also withdraw the delegation) — but why give away power at all? The citizens of a country should retain all power over legislation that will affect them, not only on the national level but on the regional and local level as appropriate.

Finally, I see no mention here of uncontrolled immigration, the most disastrous result of the current EU setup.
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Anonymous said...

Test the feeling of voting about the EU - at www.FreeEurope.info. Still time...

zazie said...

thank you, Rick! Everything you say here, I have been "shouting" it at people around me....Who heard ? who just listened ? My husband, my son, one or two friends....To make a long story short, I've been shouting in the wilderness, and now I've got a sorethroat...I think there is hope nevertheless, but not for my generation : read scriptoblog.com!

Steve said...

First of all, if free speech ends somwhere, it ends in Brussels, according to your post, not in the EU as a whole. Sure denying the right to demonstrate is offensive, but yet the decision can be overthrown by the courts which should be no big deal.

Second, the mayor of the City of Brussels is not an "EU master" or a "EUrocrat" whatever that means. He is just another mayor in Europe and is, as to my knowledge not involved with EU politcs as a member of parliament.

Third: "I inherently distrust anything with the word "diversity" in it" is a very insightful statement and puts your post into the right light. It is not only that you are afraid of a multicultural society but also against EU itself which, as a result, is a multicultural society.

You are obviously afraid of something called "Islamization of Europe", a artificially installed fear by all the right wingers and Anti-EU guys all over Europe. Please, relax as there is nothing like "Islamization" in the EU.

Finally, as you are not a European, Rick, and I suppose you are in fact American, you should educate yourself about Europe first, then look at your home, with all the mad and fanatic neo-conservatives, right-wingers, a government-controlled media, government-controlled censorship, total surveillance (see homeland security) and a warring president, effectively erecting dictatorship in home of the free and the land of the brave. Yeah, you really got it!

The last thing I'd really like to know is: why are you affraid of the "Islamization" of Europe?

Rick Darby said...


1."Brussels," as the EU capital, is synonymous with it in some quarters. The protest outside the EU parliament building is clearly designed to send a message to the EU, which is one of the main forces driving European Islamization. The prohibition in turn must be seen as a counter-message that you don't embarrass your masters by holding an in-their-face demonstration.

2. Technically, you may be correct. But if you think the mayor of Brussels isn't subject to, shall we say, influence from EU HQ, I believe you are rather naive about politics.

3. Yes, I inherently distrust anything with the word "diversity" in it. I'm not opposed to diversity where it occurs naturally and by individual choice; I do oppose forcing it on people and punishing those who speak against it, which is where government officials are almost invariably coming from when they use the word.

4. Yes, I am afraid of the Islamization of Europe. Islam is, and for the most part always has been, a totalitarian system masquerading as a religion; wherever Muslims are a majority, they do not accept non-Muslims on equal terms and often persecute them; many of Islam's followers practice or condone violence on behalf of jihad; Muslims have such a different value system that they cannot assimilate into Western countries, even where those countries (e.g., Sweden, Britain) desperately try to accommodate them; and for various other reasons that seem evident to me.

5. As to all those mad and fanatic neo-conservatives, if you read some of my previous blog postings you will see I am no friend of the Bush gang or neocons in general.

By the way, if the U.S. government censored and controlled everything as you suggest, I don't think I would be allowed to publish this blog.

Steve said...


1. OK, at least we agree, Brussels is not the EU, it's a city in the EU hosting some important EU institutions.

2. If a Belgium court would drop the complaint in favor of the mayor's concerns then I am ready to believe that there is an EU influence, otherwise I am not.

3. Why do you think the EU is forcing us (yes, I am a EU citizen from Berlin) into diversity. To unite Europe has been a dream great leaders have been dreamed more than 500 years ago. Due to its sometimes dark history Europe is very diverse by nature and its citizens Europeans can't be forced into diversity. And when it comes to Islamization I do not expect to happen that. Europe has always been united at times when the other peoples tried to conquer western Europe in the name of Islam. They never succeeded.

4. Just as you I am not a friend of the way Islam is practiced in some countries, but I have many muslin friends from Turkey, Iraq and Syria I know from the youth who are very respected and righteous people. There are bad Christians and good Christians, there are bad Muslims and good muslims.

Due to the completely different value system, they will never succeed in undermining our society. As I pointed out, if they try to influence Europeans in their daily life they have been segregated. We are free people who know what is at stake and we will not let be taken away from us. In contrast to other people we don't have to fight for these rights in other countries.

5. No I did not read other posts as I wanted to comment on this particular one.

Rick Darby said...

I am always glad to receive serious comments. Thanks for yours, and I hope you'll stop by Reflecting Light again.

Steve said...

Sure, why not? Haven't read about all the other stuff, yet. Oh, if it helps: Please, have trust in us, the Europeans. I truly believe we'll do it right. Thanks and bye.