Monday, May 12, 2008

'Ere, 'ere, wot's all this then?

Muslim bobbies for sharia law and order

I haven't made many entries lately in the "Britain self-destructs" category. No novelty value. Dog bites man. Small earthquake in Chile. Politician denies wrongdoing, says photo of him accepting bribe taken out of context. Yawn.

Still, for old times' sake, let's remind ourselves what happens when a nation convinces itself it must adapt to its heterogeneous colonists. Here's a four-year-old BBC news article, picked up by Dhimmi Watch last Friday:
Chief inspector Richard Varley of the Association of Muslim Police said he hoped staff would be able to pool ideas and experiences at the seminars. Mr Varley said his own force, the Metropolitan Police, had addressed a number of the needs of Muslim staff, but he would like to see that extended across all forces.

"I hope the seminars will result in more improvements in the working conditions and environment for Muslim staff. For example, I'd like to see prayer facilities at work being pretty more universal as they are at the Met where there's a prayer room at New Scotland Yard," he said.

It is not known exactly how many Muslims work for the police service, as no religious monitoring is carried out. However, after the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry report in 1999, all forces across England and Wales were set a 10-year target for ethnic minority recruitment. Each force was set individual recruitment targets, which reflect the cultural diversity of the community it serves.

But earlier this year the Metropolitan force admitted it was highly improbable it would meet its target of 25% ethnic minority staff by 2009.
The Met does not need to be bothered about Muslim recruitment targets. Once King Charles the Dhimmi acknowledges sharia law for al-Britannia, it won't be a donkey's age before the police force will be 100 percent Muslim "to reflect community values." I do not believe that there will be a drive to recruit ethnic minorities such as indigenous British.


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