Saturday, May 21, 2011

Deconstructing Frankenstein's president

Al-Obama is a genial fellow. He has the best interests of the world at heart, he's a friend to all mankind, excepting only the United States and Israel.

That invites an obvious retort, that he was not elected president of Israel. True. And I'd be the last to argue that Israel has the right to unqualified admiration or support. But it has the right to exist.

This week al-Obama sent a message to the Arab world that the U.S. was pitching Israel over the side. And like it or not -- I don't -- Israel probably cannot survive without U.S. backing. Despite a capable, even fearsome, military and nuclear armamentarium, Israel is surrounded by billions of people who have no place for it on their maps.

Not that al-Obama wants to pull out of the Mideast Destruction Derby. The International Business News notes:
The Obama administration announced last November it is seeking a massive $60 billion, 20-year weapons sale to the Saudis, which would reportedly include 84 F-15 fighter aircraft and almost 200 helicopters, as well as trainers, simulators, generators, spare and repair parts, and other related elements of program support. And yet Saudi Arabia is indisputably an authoritarian regime.
There is no elected parliament, public protests are banned, and the media is controlled by the state and has maintained a very poor human rights record. Human Rights Watch summarized the situation in its annual report: "Authorities continue to systematically suppress or fail to protect the rights of nine million Saudi women and girls, eight million foreign workers, and some two million Shia citizens. Each year thousands of people receive unfair trials or are subject to arbitrary detention. Curbs on freedom of association, expression, and movement, as well as a pervasive lack of official accountability, remain serious concerns."
In 2008, Americans elected a mystery president with a hazy past, a staunch record of courageously voting "present," and a gift for extravagant, empty rhetoric. It no longer has that excuse for failing to see him as he is.

Al-Obama's opponents have often described him as a blank screen on which the populace could project whatever they wanted to see. Fair enough, but the Frankenstein metaphor is just as apt. In Mary Shelley's famous novel, you will recall, Dr. Frankenstein was gaga to "bestow animation on lifeless matter."

I do not know who the president's animators are -- a globalist New World Order group, a leftist cabal, or just plain old machine-politics string pullers. But he seems a perpetual work in progress, an assemblage of vague images floating around the American psyche, right out of a PBS documentary run every Black Heritage Month. Lincoln. George Washington Carver. W.E.B DuBois. Paul Robeson. Selma. To Kill a Mockingbird. King Luther Martin. All captured and glued onto a framed vacancy and given the spark of life by the captive-liberal mass media.

Once in a while, Dr. Frankenstein's creation assumes a life of its own, confounding the blueprint. Israel brings on those times. Even al-Obama's godlike builders may never have planned on this.


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