Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A prayer for today and any days that follow

Dear God,

I pray to you for understanding of the right thing to do in every circumstance, however seemingly trivial or important. And the strength to do what you help me know is right.

This encompasses situations great and small, routine and momentous. They both matter equally.

I do not pray for worldly wisdom, because that is limited to this world, which is half illusion, a blind seeking.

I do not pray for prosperity, although that would be a boon to my wife and cats.

I do not pray for health, although health is a better experience than non-health.

I do not pray for pleasure, because it is transient and leaves regret in its wake.

I do not even pray for the resolution of my spiritual quandaries: because as I become ready to receive the truths of spirit, they will be given to me without my having to ask.

None of these things is to be renounced or rejected. I am grateful for any that I enjoy or will enjoy. They are good, albeit pale copies of the Good that is Your perfect self.

This isn't easy to write in a blog that can be read by anyone. Although I am not a Christian, or a member of any organized religion, I appreciate Jesus's contempt for those who pray in public and make a show of it. That is not, I trust, my purpose.

I pray for this age-old blessing: Dear God, not my will, but Yours be done.

I pray for it sincerely, I think, but knowing that in moments of extreme doubt or hurt I cannot sustain it, will then want only relief, only the end of desperation and pain.

But what is the use of praying for what we imagine we can attain? I pray for what is possible, not by me, but by You.

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