Friday, May 24, 2013

Winston's Britain inside out

We shall sell out our island, what ever the cost may be. We shall surrender at the ports, we shall surrender on the airplane landing grounds, we shall surrender in the fields and especially in the streets we are handing over to the barbarians, we shall surrender in the hills; we shall never think of victory.

-- Churchill Winston, Subprime Minister,
United Kingdom 2013

" 'At geezer, 'e 'ad it comin' like,
dis'spectin' the Religion of Peace, y'know mate?"

What a pathetic, neutered, self-defeating bunch of weenies the Brits are. I see no hope for them in our lifetimes to stand up as men and women. 

It's become such a tired and boring ritual I can hardly pay attention anymore. Exotic "youths" deliberately imported by the ruling powers in aid of population replacement, so they can have a large permanent class dependent on them, commit some new outrage. The bigfoot politicians talk tough. They declare -- you better believe it -- violence is not acceptable. White Brits are the scum of the earth, we know our great grandfathers were colonialists, but really this is a bit much.

 They may have meat cleavers,
but we have the Royal Chelsea Flower Show.

Of course nobody believes the script. The pin-striped pooh-bahs will accept the next outrage and the next, because they understand they have no choice if they don't want war in the streets. Their docile subjects know their lines: We mustn't let a few extremists destroy the smoothly functioning diversity of cool Britannia. Don't forget the Brothers Kray, white gangsters!

The media stand ever ready with their moral equivalence act. Take this chap Dan Hodges, in the  Telegraph, which passes for a conservative paper in the U.K.
Yesterday the Ministry of Defence released a statement announcing that the soldier killed in Wednesday’s attack in Woolwich was 25-year-old Drummer Lee Rigby of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. It was an important moment. Lee Rigby was no longer the Unknown Soldier. Nor was he merely a discarded body lying in the middle of a south London street. He was a father, husband and son. The process of remembering him – and forgetting those who had ended his life – could begin.

That’s for those of us who want to. Yesterday, the Prime Minister made a powerful address in which he called for the nation to stand united and defiant in the face of this act of terror. But we would be kidding ourselves if we think we have responded to the events of this week as one.
This morning's Guardian carries a piece by its senior columnist Sir Simon Jenkins, in which it describes the reaction to Drummer Rigby’s murder as a form of “mass hysteria” that “only aids terrorists”. 
Sounds like Hodges is still hauling a backbone around. But not so fast. His column is actually a weaselstrike.
The reaction of much of the liberal establishment to the murder of Lee Rigby has reminded me of the reaction of much of the Right to the murder of Stephen Lawrence. There were the ritualistic words of condemnation: “This is a terrible crime”, immediately followed by the same attempts at contextualisation and minimalisation. “Murders like this happen all the time … They are a sad part of modern life.”

If you look at the campaign for justice for Stephen Lawrence that grew up after his death, the parallels become even more stark. People were “overreacting”, we were told. The whole affair was becoming a “circus” or even “an industry”. Some claimed that by focusing on the racial aspect of the crime, we were in danger of actually heightening racial tensions and exacerbating the problem.
See, in the U.K., if you utter a peep against the Cultural Marxist Establishment, you'd better follow it up with a swipe at "the Right" if you know what's good for your career. Or as our Mr. Hodges puts it, "People are correct to caution against an overreaction at times like this. But we should be just as wary of underreacting." Thank you for your insight, son. I won't overreact, but I won't underreact either. A tasteful tear or two, a memorial card, that should hit the spot. 

Stop Muslim immigration? Perish the thought!

 "We'll have less of this carry-on
or I'll slap my bouquet on your arse."

Other commentary in the Telegraph telegraphs the same message, and it ain't V for Victory. 

Alan Johnson: "We need to talk about Islamism." I am so flipping weary of this "We need to talk about ... " twaddle. No, Alan you ponce, your people are being knifed to death in the streets to the strains of Allahu Akbar, and you want to discuss political philosophy? The time is right to do something, you penny-a-liner journo.

But if talking is your thing, forget talking about Islamism. Nobody has a felt need to talk about Christianityism or Judaismism or Buddhismism. Islam is a special case. Mr. Johnson again: "Woolwich made plain that the fear and the violence and the grieving that has spilled over from what the Muslim political scientist Bassam Tibi calls 'Islam's predicament with modernity' are now also ours to bear, and they will borne also by our children and our grandchildren." In other words, get used to it.

Other headlines in the dhimmi Telegraph: "The West is fighting on behalf of ordinary Muslims -- and winning"; "The Muslim faith does not turn men to terror"; "Woolwich was a case study in the banality -- and idiocy -- of evil: There is no logic to be found in attacks like these." I'm sure that's a great comfort to the victim's family. Having his head cut off was illogical. 

No comments are allowed on the opinion pieces cited above.
Telegraph Wonder Women columnists Laura Perrins, Cathy Newman, Beverley Turner and Anna White – all mothers to children of varying ages – explain how they are talking (or not) to their young boys and girls about the Woolwich attack.
Wonder Woman Beverley Turner explains to her sprogs: "It seems that the men may have 'used' terrorism as an excuse to carry out a random act of violence. They probably weren't thinking about the hurt they would cause in the way that you, me and most of the people on the planet would. Something like this is very rare, very unusual and would have been very upsetting for all the people who watched the attack."

Could be. Might have ruined their whole day.

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YIH said...

Meanwhile as you may have heard, Sweden is also going through this insanity as well. While the police there are not only standing back and letting the diversity rampage, their meter maids (yes, oddly enough they still call them that) are ticketing burnt out cars for parking violations!
No sir, I am not making that up.
It gets worse, it seems the police are protecting the immigrants from the native Swedes who are quite rightly fed the hell up with this shit.