Saturday, December 14, 2013

Yahoo! goes full-tilt anti-white

Having long ago lost out in the search-engine competition, Yahoo! has floundered for years trying to find some excuse for existence. The company seems to have reached such desperation that it will resort to any idea that its generation ZZZ management teams can scrape off the pavement. Among other numb-brain moves, Yahoo! looks to be reinventing itself as a "news" outlet.

"Racism Literally Costs America $2 Trillion ... Ready to Stop Payment?" it asks.

It's time to stop payment all right, payment for cultural Marxist extortion. Stop affirmative action hiring of clueless employees because of their skin color, ancestry, sexual orientation, and whatever other politically correct qualifications they bring to the table. Quit spending billions on failed remedial programs to make professors out of kids who'd rather be playing basketball or shouting rap lyrics. (Although probably some colleges now offer Ph.Ds in comparative rap.) Stop paying women to have babies whose fathers' names they can't recall if they didn't write them down somewhere.

But of course that isn't the line Yahoo! takes. It's an "anti-racist" diatribe (anti-racist being code for anti-white).
A more complete accounting of the toll taken by race-based chauvinism has arrived in the form of a W.K. Kellogg Foundation study that shows fallout from racism slashing the country's wealth. The study, released in October, posits that an income gap resulting in part from racism costs the country $1.9 trillion dollars each year.

The study, titled “The Business Case for Racial Equity,” was conducted with the institute and scholars from Johns Hopkins, Brandeis, and Harvard universities and demonstrates how “race, class, residential segregation and income levels all work together to hamper access to opportunity.”
The Kellogg Foundation and the ivy league scholars play a right little game. Copy a bunch of slogans from a 1967 editorial in Life magazine, fantasize some numbers, and voilĂ ! Proof positive that the temporarily most numerous racial group in the U.S., many of whose constituents are out of work or underemployed, needs to shell out more for programs to atone for its racist bigotry that is holding back the Vibrant Fraction.

You would think that a cereal dynasty foundation and alleged scholars from prestigious universities would at least pretend to offer new approaches to overcoming their diagnosis of the problem. You'd think they'd be embarrassed to recycle tried-and-failed nostrums. 

"Among the remedies offered are an emphasis on minority home ownership in neighborhoods with increasing values ... ." Are these lackwits who toss around numbers in the trillions so ignorant they don't even know that leaning on institutions to make home loans to people who would never qualify under sane criteria was a prime factor in the housing bubble, which nearly brought down the nation's economic system -- all of five or six years ago? 

It doesn't matter. Whites must pay. And pay.


David Foster said...

The study "conducted with the institute and scholars from Johns Hopkins, Brandeis, and Harvard universities"

One of the major inhibitors of class and income mobility, and of economic productivity, is the worship of academic credentials.

Anonymous said...


Good reason to share this youtube video showing -- across the entire globe -- YAHOO is anti-White.

- Bill