Wednesday, July 30, 2014

This impeachment thing

I hate writing about this stuff, honestly. As I've said before to the point of tedium, I wish I could ignore politics and concentrate on spirituality, arts, and social commentary. 

But as a citizen of this rapidly devolving country, I can't fail to speak up about the decay of our constitutional republic, however sententious that may sound. Let's hope I can get this subject out of the way and not have to return to it.

Is anyone serious about impeaching the overreaching nitwit in the White House? Among those of the professional political class, probably not. For them the idea is just rhetorical -- verbal chess. But from what I can gather in the blogosphere, many of the American people are steamed enough to want to go full speed ahead removing Obama from office.

Let's try to analyze the situation.

There is one overwhelming reason for impeaching and convicting Obama: he deserves it. He has been at the center of so many outrages, so many violations of the Constitution, that even his opponents have a hard time keeping up with the scandal du jour.

Those who favor the impeachment and trial argue that failing to do so is as much as admitting defeat, and announcing that from now on the executive branch cannot be curbed. The American republic will be over, despite whatever moldering symbolism remains, every bit as much as the ancient Roman counterpart dissolved under Julius Caesar and Augustus.

At the same time I can see reasons why attempting to unseat the president is dangerous, no matter how much he is feared and despised.

1. Unless the Republicans have a huge majority in both houses after this year's election, there is no chance for conviction. Even then it would be no sure thing. Republicans can be bribed and threatened, or honestly believe impeachment would be a mistake.

2. The mass media, naturally, will be with Obama all the way. They'll slant all the news about the proceedings.

3. The standard reflex will be triggered: Racism! Racism! Racism! Racism! Racism! Racism! Racism!

4. It will be easy for the Left to position their official leader as a martyr.

5. Understandably, some people will feel that impeachment is an act of bullying, that the country's founders sensibly made it difficult because they believed that a president should not be scuppered because he is unpopular. There's a natural tendency to want abuses to be dealt with through the normal give-and-take of politics and voting -- even though Obama doesn't observe such niceties.

6. Obama is as much a symptom as a cause of our national disease. Unfortunately he represents the mindset that has gained the ascendency in academia, the judiciary, the media, the social work bureaucracy, and just about every institution of power, including those of the states. Just look at the flap over the federal government's plans to house the Latino illegal insurgency in towns around the country. The opposition is not about the insanity of open borders but about money -- we can't afford to keep them here! Nimbyism at its finest.

We have to focus on the big picture. Obama may think he's the life and soul of the party, but in fact he's just a small figure in the corner. Those who invited him and enable him are the ones who need to be led off.

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YIH said...

I too am a bit surprised of this topic. Back in '09 when the talk was ''he's an illegitimate President!'' (the whole 'birther' thing) my reply was ''yep, and only one way according to the Constitution to rectify that - impeachment'' at that time it was dubious that even the House would take that up. Then as now it would die in the Senate, just like Clinton's did.
The only glimmer of hope is that I truly doubt 0bama will stay beyond 2016. First, look at all the 'vacations' he takes, he loves the (royalty-like) trappings of the job, but hates the job itself.
Second, no matter who it is it's a horribly taxing job - you can see how it ages that person.
It's the ultimate 'on-call' job, he could be in the bathroom and hear through the door: ''Pull 'em up! You are needed RIGHT NOW!'', ''but i'm...'', ''you can finish that later...''.
Third, ''the fishbowl'', he's probably envying Bush 43's ability to return to a private life with being pretty much ignored.
So despite all the conspiracy theories, he'll probably be happy to exit on his own.
The bad news is the next one will likely be either JEB (with all the family baggage that entails) or Hillary (all the bad of 0bama but even more hawkish). Bleah.