Sunday, September 07, 2014

Emperor Obama's hesitation blues

Woke up this morning lookin' for my shoes
Looked behind the trunk,  felt the hesitation blues
Lordy, tell me how long will I have to wait?
Can I get to you now? Must I hesitate?

-- "Hesitation Blues" (traditional)
Dave Van Ronk version

I will not write another political blog post. I will not. I will not. Oh, all right.

Media stories about His Worship's trials and tribulations -- if only they did include a trial, say in the Senate? -- are almost meaningless. He's gonna do what he's gonna do. I can't stop him. You can't stop him. He's going to put the last brick in the wall.

Timing has been giving him a shot of the blues lately, though. Specifically, when he will pick up his phone and his pen and declare amnesty for illegals and the completion of his Population Replacement Diktat of 2014. Not whether, but how long he must hesitate.
This is a political crisis -- as it relates to the timing of a decision -- that is entirely Obama's own creation.  Back on June 30 in a statement delivered in the Rose Garden at the White House, he uttered these words:
I have also directed Secretary Johnson and Attorney General Holder to identify additional actions my administration can take on our own, within my existing legal authorities, to do what Congress refuses to do and fix as much of our immigration system as we can.  If Congress will not do their job, at least we can do ours.  I expect their recommendations before the end of summer and I intend to adopt those recommendations without further delay.
As I have noted before, the Emperor gets drunk on the phrase "I have directed ... ." He can't officially direct Congress, but if it doesn't fall in line (which it usually does after ritual grumbling by the Republican wing of the I've Got Mine Club) then they are "not doing their job." 

"They haven't been fulfilling their duty lately! Well, screw this Constellation business -- huh, Valerie? Oh, sorry, Constitution. That teleprompter's been hard to read lately. I'll direct somebody to fix it."

The mainstream media talk about the situation simply as political gamesmanship. They sound like they're analyzing the odds in a prize fight. Above all, any discussion of principle is out of bounds. 

By and large the Left isn't too pleased with their Emperor.
“When candidate Obama asked our community for support in 2008 and 2012, he urged us all to vote based on our hopes, not our fears,” said Janet Murguía, president and CEO of the National Council of La Raza. “Today, President Obama gave in to the fears of Democratic political operatives, crushing the hopes of millions of hard-working people living under the constant threat of deportation and family separation.”

“Slow-walking justice for millions will not prevent Republicans from using nativist animosity to get their base to the polls and does even less to inspire Democrats’ grassroots progressive base at a critical political moment,” said Democracy for American executive director Charles Chamberlain.
The "fears of Democratic political operatives" are that if he unilaterally signs the Declaration of Amnesty before this year's election it will cost the Dems congressional seats. Already his own party's candidates have been cuddling up to the Emperor as if he carries the Ebola virus.

To put it another way: Everyone understands that a majority of the not-quite-defeated-yet American people don't want amnesty, even with token efforts to make it orderly. They do not want to be irrelevant to the political process. So the Emperor has reluctantly agreed to a brief delay on behalf of damage control.

That's not good enough for his "base" of lawbreakers and Marxist apparatchiks. Rock. Hard place. Why doesn't he just direct everybody to bow and obey?

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