Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Enablers of Islamization: This policeman died for your sins

... as did the artist and staff member victims at Charlie Hebdo.

But this shocking, point-blank assassination could well signal a turn in French society.

From now on, every policeman and policewoman in France will have no, zero, compassion for any Muslim with the slightest tinge of sudden jihad syndrome or even routine criminality. Someone who kills a flic while nearby cameras record it -- or is even suspiciously associated with the deed -- can expect no mercy or "justice." 

French police, I have heard, are as tough as they come. They are very high on the list of those you don't want for an enemy, which everyone who planned and carried out this atrocity will learn.

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zazie said...

Before the TV era, when people truly "read" their daily papers, they used to say "un bon dessin vaut mieux qu'un long discours" ; the same applies to your post today.
Unfortunately, I am afraid thosewho should expect no mercy (murderers or politicians) will be given "compassion, tolerance" by most French who have been brainwashed for decades now.
Still, Even those dimwits may see the truth,because now everybody knows that there are risks, not only in the "lost" suburbs, but everywhere in the country.