Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Best advertising line of the week

A banner advertising Ambien, a sedative prescribed for treating insomnia, offers this thought:

Ask your doctor if driving while asleep is right for you.

The implication, presumably, is that you should get enough sleep the night before, not that you might consider adding hours to your day by combining your snoozing time and your commuting time. Still, you might want to seek other professional advice for consolidation in aid of efficiency.

Ask your dentist if you should pour toothpaste over your cereal.

Ask your judge if you can run your Ponzi scheme while serving your sentence.

Ask your surgeon if he'd mind tossing in a new liver for half price as long as he's got you open for a heart transplant.

Ask your electrician if you can keep any odd lots of electricity left over after he's wired your new house.

Ask your president if you can keep one illegal as a servant for every two you report.

The next time you have mixed feelings, ask your therapist if you can take yours straight.


NewsVeiws said...

Thank you for paying my blog a visit.
The banner ad you wrote a post about is fictonal.
The posts, time, cat and weather report are all real. The banner ad is merely a joke from a joke website. If you had clicked on it it would have taken you to:
My intention WAS NOT to 'hoax' you!
If you would like a Saturday Night Live style ''banner ad'' on your own blog let me know.
If you thought this FAKE AD was real, I apoligize...

Rick Darby said...

No apologies needed, Newsviews, although it did take me in. A terrific (pseudo) banner!