Friday, June 16, 2006

Oh, Snezana

My e-mailbox runneth over with offers from people, previously unknown to me, who have my good in mind. They want to make jolly sure I get the best prices on software, Prozac, weight loss pills, Cialis; the best rate on a loan; the inside dope on penny stocks ready to go to the moon.

I'm afraid I don't have time to thank them all individually, but let me take this space to mention some of the most recent by name:

Discouraging H. Rigoletto, Ludger Shellhammer, Feodor Pichardo, Snezana Decaro, Eldreda Slinkard, Eutychius Rawling, Prettifies J. Mazarin, Claim C. Unquote, Axiom A. Hobgoblins, Warships E. Travailing, Charalampos Touchette, Deformations B. Mercy, Weatherize R. Latin, Roibeard Orenstein, Bulldozer R. Anomaly, Despina Sweeten, Painstaking A. Captaincy, Lobbyist Purple.

Wishing you all luck, of one kind or another.

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