Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Blogger's block

Time for a new posting.

Trouble is, besides a heavy work schedule and some medical issues, I'm suffering from blogger's block. (No, that is not a medical problem. Probably.)

Fellow bloggers, how many of you will admit to that complaint?

My last posting was boring past belief. If you have not yet read it, be sure not to.

Everything I can think of to say at the moment is obvious, hackneyed, or repeats something I've already written. And while I admit to few principles, my intention is to post only when an idea
visits my brain that might be worth passing onto readers.

That could be days, or it might be later today — I never know when lightning, or at least a 12-volt current, will strike.

Check out the sites on the sidebar. You can always find something interesting there.


Vanishing American said...

I will admit to it, and have posted about it in the past. Other bloggers seem to be going through it these days, too.
Although I am still very engaged over all the momentous events going on, sometimes it's just overwhelming, knowing that so much is going on simultaneously, and it all seems too much; it feels paralyzing to me sometimes.
But then I get fired up about something and forge on.
We all have those dry spells though. Sometimes it just has to pass, and you have to take a break and come back refreshed.

Rick Darby said...

Vanishing American,

Thanks for your comment. It should be no surprise that after a year's worth of blogging I would go through a patch where it seems like I'm just repeating myself and my writing style has gone blah.

Because I blog primarily to communicate with readers rather than for self-expression, I prefer to wait till the slump is over rather than posting just for the sake of posting. Please check back!