Sunday, September 24, 2006

British dhimmitude proceeds on schedule

In an August posting about British law enforcement authorities notifying Muslim leaders of the arrest of the suspects in the the airline bombing plot, I wrote, "I must confess to having misunderstood this news on a quick first reading. I thought that the Muslim leaders had been informed before the arrests. Not this morning. That will probably be the story next time."

I thought I was joking, didn't I? But now, it is announced, British police will brief Muslim leaders in advance of any counterterrorism raid, with the blessing of the Met's commissioner, Sir Ian Blair.

British Police Commission on
Muslim Community Relations

Even if the Muslim leaders given inside information do not tip off their co-religionists, they will have de facto veto power over security forces' actions.

More than a year after the July 7 terrorist bombings in London, the British Establishment is determined to pretend that the continuing threat is essentially a problem in community relations. They imagine that Islamopaths just feel misunderstood, and can be placated by the police giving Muslims confidential information about missions intended to protect the public.

A country whose indigenous population is now all but avowedly atheistic can't grasp that a fair number of its citizens practice a religio-political system that leaves no room for other beliefs and is driven to take over as soon as it has the power. Islam's state of psychological development matches Christianity in its religious wars and persecutions that lasted until the 17th century. Trying to win Muslims over to accepting cultural pluralism by making one concession after another is not just futile, but encourages Muslims to believe they will win the war against Dar al-Harb -- the benighted non-Muslim world -- all the quicker by keeping the pressure up through further demands.

Having called this latest development correctly, I am emboldened to make another prediction. Within five years, British Muslims will insist on the right to ignore parliamentary law in favor of shar'ia (Muslim religious) law for their own people. There will be some resistance, and non-Muslim Brits will dig in their heels for a year or two, but in the end they'll give in. Having made so many accommodations in response to Muslim intimidation, what logical reason can they offer to stop?

Within 20 years, shar'ia will be the law of the land for everyone; non-Muslims will be dhimmis, relegated to second-class status and forced to accept Muslim customs; and after more than a thousand years, British civilization will have come to an end.

There is still barely enough time for indigenous British to come to their senses, acknowledge the cataclysmic error they made in encouraging Muslim immigration, and take back their country. But there is no evidence so far that they are willing to do so. Instead they will pursue a farcical brand of multi-culturalism until there is only one culture that matters in the British Isles, and the Crescent flies above the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey.

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