Monday, March 12, 2007

Britain: a dead society?

As noted previously, I am in Europe on business and don't have time to do a "real" post. But you really should see Lawrence Auster's latest. He's been on a roll lately:

"I’ve already suggested that with Britain’s Equality Act and the ensuing Sexual Orientation Regulations, which outlaw discrimination against homosexuals in the provisions of goods and services, without any exceptions, and with the position of the British government that any limitation on the number of immigrants allowed to enter Britain is “racist,” Britain has reached the acme of liberalism and is thus dead as a society in any traditional or normal sense. This doesn’t mean that Britain cannot change course and come back. But if such a turnaround is to occur, it can only happen if the British recognize that as they are now they are dead, and decide, as a people, that they want to live."

If you want to know what prompted this ... you may not believe your eyes.

I especially urge my British readers to check it out, think on it, and if they are still capable of taking a stand for sanity, act on it.

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