Friday, March 02, 2007

The eerie music of the gods leaving

Corby, England: Too, too white to keep their jobs.

Reading about life in contemporary Britain has the sick fascination of gawking at a bad traffic accident. You know it's an unedifying sight, and unless you are first on the scene there's nothing you can do to help. Your curiosity to see mangled metal and perhaps human gore does you no credit. You can't even thank your luck or divine protection for keeping you out of the dreadful event — the odds are by no means overwhelming that you'll never fetch up in a similar crash.

His followers heard the eerie music of the gods leaving Mark Antony shortly before his demise in Shakespeare's play. The gods are piping and mewing again, this time for Formerly Great Britain. I really ought to look away, say a prayer for the living dead, and get on with it. But some residual fondness for a country I apparently came to admire during my incarnation in England in the Victorian and Edwardian periods keeps me fixed on the ever-advancing symptoms of the country's end-stage sociopathy.

Thanks to the invaluable Daily Mail, whose total lack of intellectual respectability apparently allows it to delve into dark corners of U.K. life that the "quality" broadsheets can't be bothered about, we learn that the government is transferring jobs away from a Midlands town because its residents are "too white and too British."

The Prison Service is relocating the posts to a nearby city where there are more ethnic minorities.

It is the first known case of its kind, but MPs warned similar moves could secretly be taking place across the country as civil servants are under enormous pressure from ministers to boost the number of ethnic minorities working in the public sector.
Corby, in Northamptonshire, still has (rather amazing in today's U.K.) a population that is — brace yourself for a shock — 93.7 percent white British. Leicester, to which 80 of the jobs in Corby are being shunted, is only 59.6 percent indigenous British.

Lest you imagine that Corby is a bastion of ancient aristocratic privilege or an upper-middle-class enclave in the stockbroker belt, it is no such thing. I've never gone to Leicester, but I have been in Northamptonshire, and it is in the part of England stretching from the Midlands to the North that has fallen on hard times with the economic decline of the working class in the post-industrial era. My point being that these too-pale, too-British subjects of Her Majesty are not your posh-speaking Land Rover customers. They are mostly poor people who need their jobs and the security that working for the government brings.
Director of finance Ann Beasley - one of Home Secretary John Reid's top civil servants - said the town [Corby] had too many white British residents. As a result, it does not satisfy the drive to recruit more ethnic minorities.
No one should be surprised by now that the U.K. Labour government is embarked on a scheme of race replacement for the country, or that anti-white discrimination is a firm policy. It (and, for that matter, the so-called opposition Tory party) are pushing the multi-cultural agenda in every imaginable way, and they won't be satisfied until Britain is an amalgam of the Carribbean, Arabia, Africa, Poland, and anywhere else as long as it's not white and traditional British.

What is still a little breathtaking, though, is that the country's ruling bureaucracy doesn't even think it's worth the bother of practicing sleight-of-hand. The manipulation is right out in the open, and the multi-cultists are so confident history is going their way that they don't even pay white Britain the tribute of hypocrisy. I'd be the last to deny that the U.S. elites who identify themselves with the transnational Marketing State are following the British and EU playbook, but we still have enough operational backbones in this country that our masters feel it necessary to use weasel words when they replace American workers with Third Worlders inside or outside our dysfunctional borders.

A few generations ago, if Britons had been told that their jobs were being taken from them and given to others who had done nothing to earn them except for their skill in the use of skin pigment, they would have marched on Whitehall and stuffed the responsible civil servant down her own throat. But that was another Britain, where even poor people had self-respect. Today they are drones whose existence is owed, directly or indirectly, to the State. There are no more civil servants in Britain. From dingy cubicles to thick-carpeted offices, civil masters rule.


Vanishing American said...

Rick, do you have any inkling whether it is mainly the elites who are pushing this agenda, or whether there is significant resistance to it? Maybe I am hoping against hope, but I would like to think that there is a simmering dissatisfaction and even outrage going on in the UK, among a significant minority at least.
I no longer keep in touch with the British friends (quite a few of them) I once knew and visited with. So I am not 'in the know'; I haven't been there in years.
So is there anything to heredity? Do we inherit the character or spirit of our forefathers, or is there nothing left of the old English determination? These are things I ponder.

Rick Darby said...

My friends in England are people I met through a mutual interest in psychical research; on the rare occasions when our discussion turned to politics, one of them was deeply offended by my views, so I have steered clear of talking about this sort of thing with them. I have no special insight into what's going on under the surface there.

Even so, it can hardly be doubted that there is plenty of anger and resentment; the trouble is, it looks like they have no channel to direct it into. Theoretically, parliamentary politics isn't locked into a binary two-party system like ours, but in practice it always seems to be a tug of war between the Labourites and Conservatives, both of which have made their peace with radical multi-culturalism.

I can't recall the source, but I read the other day that one out of three adult Brits is employed by or economically dependent on the government. That makes it particularly hard to gin up an effective counterweight to an ideology that both parties have embraced. I hope to be proven wrong, but my sense is that unless the Multi-Cult Establishment miscalculates badly and does something so outrageous as to be intolerable (which, given its arrogance, is possible), Britain's traditionalists will grumble a lot but their complaints will be futile.

Vanishing American said...

What you are saying sounds right.
Just from what I read on the internet, it appears that a lot of people are angry but they are genuinely afraid of the stringent laws in the UK which harshly punish any dissent or non-PC speech, much less active protest. They see how the Moslems are given carte blanche to do what they like while the British people are prosecuted like Nick Griffin if they speak out of turn.
(Incidentally I am surprised I was able to post a comment; I think it's a browser issue, but I often can't post a comment, unless I am using Firefox.)

Steve said...

I have spent time in Britain but like VA haven't been there in years and wouldn't be likely to bring up my views with leftwing Britons. From what I've heard many Britons still firmly belive that Muslim hostility is caused solely by Israel and Mr. Blair's support of the Iraq war. However one English woman admitted to being shocked when she said a cheery "good morning" to a Muslim woman somewhere and was ignored. Not good enough, not good enough at all.

Michaelcd said...

Now, we're going to have an 'elected' upper-chamber too. In other words, more Labour/Conservative cronies, who will not provide any balances or checks on the House of Commons.

You're all right, Britain is in the midst of self-destructing, and it isn't going to be a pretty sight.....