Monday, June 04, 2007

Lucky this time

Terrorism Plot

U.S. counterterrorist forces have done themselves proud again in rolling up the Muslim plotters who intended to blow up a fuel pipeline servicing JFK airport in New York, which if successful would have caused almost inconceivable harm. From the information released, it sounds like a beautifully run sting operation by the authorities, who deserve credit and our gratitude. Maybe this country is finally getting its heretofore abysmal counterterrorist act together.

I hate to be a wet blanket, but while justly celebrating this success, we are to keep a few important points in mind.

The plot was infiltrated by an informant. The details are a little unclear, but apparently the convicted drug dealer either went to the police or FBI in exchange for a deal, or was already involved, caught, and "turned." The AP story said:
Tom Corrigan, a former member of the FBI-New York Police Department Joint Terrorism Task Force, said the Kennedy airport case and the recent plot to attack Fort Dix illustrated the need for inside information. Six men were arrested in a plot to attack soldiers at the New Jersey military base after an FBI informant infiltrated that group. "These have been two significant cases back-to-back where informants were used," Corrigan said. "These terrorists are in our own backyard. They may have to reach out to people they don't necessarily trust, but they need - for guns, explosives, whatever."

Without informants, Corrigan said, investigators are often left with little more than educated guesswork. "In most cases, you can't get from A to B without an informant," said the ex-NYPD detective.
No doubt true — and the trouble is, there's not always going to be an informant. A lot of these jihadists don't seem to be among God's brighter children, but that won't always be the case, either. Especially now that the authorities have twice (in this and the Fort Dix plot arrests) revealed their modus operandi. You can figure that the sleeper cells or freelance terrorists already working on the next plan are going to be twice as suspicious and on the lookout for double agents.

In my view, the U.S. counterterrorism agencies should keep absolute radio silence on their tactics. They should be revealed only in court in closed sessions. In this life-and-death game, you don't send memos to your opponents about your methodology. That is, you shouldn't. A few years ago, in a lead front page story in USA Today, a whole batch of politically appointed birdbrains in airport security positions explained exactly what behavioral clues they were looking for among passengers.

Once again, the plotters this time were militant Muslims (including one who had resided in this country for 30 years). The USA, the world's no. 1 sucker, not only accepts but encourages immigration by Muslims. The Multi-Culti Establishment thinks the country would be nothing if not constantly nourished by immigrants from anywhere and everywhere, as long as they're Third World countries.

So we wave them in with nary a passing thought, and some turn to plans for carnage, and those plans may issue in action. Thus our counterterrism agencies, whatever their skills and resources, must particpate in a perpetual game of hide-and-seek.

No more Muslims should be admitted to the United States except for the briefest of visits (with their exits monitored and enforced) until their religio-political system learns to work and play well with others.

Severe? Yup. Want to think about more severe still? Try to imagine the JFK plot succeeding.

Because one of these days something like it will. The cell leader will be real smart. All the participants will be checked out six ways from Sunday and any double agent will be executed. And there won't be any slip-ups that time. As the IRA said to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher after they nearly killed her with a bomb at a party conference: "You were lucky this time. But you need to be lucky every time. We only need to be lucky once."

We were lucky this time.


zazie said...

good afternoon, Rick
Just a few words to tell you I found your site ; I shall come very often I think
You are right, you (and we!) have been lucky this time ; here people tend to think that this terrorist attack has been invented by the FBI ; I have given up discussing with them ; I can only shrug and sigh....

Rick Darby said...

Thank you, Zazie. I hope you will visit often.

One-quarter of the Muslims in the U.K. believe 7/7 was not carried out by Muslims. We have nutters who think 9/11 was sponsored by some elements in the U.S. government.

I think the "post-modernist" and "deconstructionist" modes of analysis that are widely taught in universities these days encourage the belief that truth is just whatever you want to believe it is.

Rick Darby said...


Whoops, looks like I understated the percentage of Muslims in the UK who believe Muslims didn't carry out the 7/7 attacks. The figure is 60 percent, according to a news report picked up by Little Green Footballs and Lawrence Auster.

zazie said...

quelques mots en français aujourd'hui, 6 JUIN, JOUR J ! Bientôt, si nous les laissons faire, vous verrez que les ennemis du "grand satan" diront que pas un seul Américain n'a débarqué sur les côtes normandes le 6 juin 1944 !
Moi, je tiens à me rappeler ce que ma famille m'a raconté, et donc je remercie encore une fois les "yankees" d'être venus.
Pas trop dur à comprendre ?

Rick Darby said...

Merci bien, Zazie. Quelques ennemis du "Grand Satan" sont completement fou ... ou grands menteurs.

Je me souviens aussi, comme beaucoup des Americains, qu'aujourd'hui est l'anniversaire de D-Day.