Thursday, July 26, 2007

New Haven secedes from the Union

New Haven, Connecticut, home to various institutions of culture and learning — most notably, Yale University — is now issuing ID cards to illegal aliens so they can open bank accounts, use city services, and flash the card at any policeman who is rude enough to ask for identification.

In other words, New Haven is openly and proudly supporting violations of the nation's sovereignty.

Now let's try a thought experiment. Imagine that a city in — oh, let's say Arizona — decided to enforce the immigration laws that are on the books. No midnight raids or round-ups, mind you: just check the legality of every person who is booked for a crime, or stopped for a traffic violation, or otherwise comes under reasonable suspicion. And everyone who turns out to be a border jumper is charged under the law; is sentenced under due process of law; and is turned over to ICE for repatriation.

It doesn't take an overactive imagination to know what to expect should this occur. The usual suspects — mainstream media, La Raza (The Racists), the ACLU, etc., etc. — would scream blue murder. Taking action against illegal activity — outrageous! And of course the barrel scrapings of the legal profession, that is to say immigration lawyers, would immediately file suit, arguing that the city has no jurisdiction, since immigration policy (they say) is a federal matter.

But wait a minute. If illegal immigration is strictly under federal jurisdiction, then New Haven has no authority to take any position about it, including offering mini-amnesties to illegals. Where are your alleged principles now, ACLU? Are you going to sue New Haven?

Let's be clear about this. Cities that pander to illegal immigrants, refusing to accept that they can oppose laws but not violate them, strike at the heart of civil society. They are in effect seceding from the Union.

The national government fought a civil war, an unprecedented disaster for both sides, the last time that came up. True, the actions of a single city are on a relatively minor scale compared with the Confederate States of America; but as the news article linked to above notes, lots of other cities are watching New Haven, and should the "Elm City" (as it likes to bill itself) get away with its campaign of subversion many other liberal enclaves will surely follow.

Make no mistake. The anger of large numbers of citizens who see their country turned into a new haven for indigent Third Worlders, imported by big business and the Democratic Party as a servile peasant class, is growing with every new outrage. I do not want the situation to degenerate into civil disorder, but that's what it may well come to unless one side or the other in the immigration battle, nonviolent for now, emerges triumphant.

I'm taking the side of the Union.

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Vanishing American said...

Rick, spot on.
And how does this New Haven measure compory with the ruling against Hazleton, PA, wherein the judge said that the city could not 'disrupt a carefully drawn federal statutory scheme' dealing with immigration?
All this chaos is happening only because the feds have no 'federal statutory scheme' they are willing to enforce, and yet they are thwarting the local authorities.