Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Darn that DREAM

I am so sodding tired of writing about immigration I almost can't bring myself to do another post on the subject. The citizens have spoken. Amnesty should be a dead letter. So long, amigos, and take your junky little taco stands with you when you go home.

But the League of American Quislings just won't give up. If our anti-terrorist campaigns were pursued with the fanaticism that these big business puppets in Congress bring to Hispanicizing the United States, Al Qaeda would be on a street corner with a sign that says WILL BLOW MYSELF UP FOR FOOD.

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Less than three months after the amnesty bill was defeated, Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin of Illinois wants to revive one of its worst provisions: an amendment to the defense authorization bill that would constitute a massive financial windfall for millions of illegal aliens. The bill would essentially guarantee illegals a college education at much lower in-state rates.
… says the Washington Times. Read the sordid details of the sordid DREAM Act ("American Dream," get it? Bet they focus-grouped that one) here and here.

You know what to do by now. Get on to your senators and congressman and tell them no way, and that their vote for this travesty is their surest bet for finding themselves on the Boulevard of Broken DREAMs where ex-senators and -representatives sell themselves as lobbyists to whoever will pay their price. (Of course, anyone who would vote for this sellout has plenty of practice at political streetwalking.)

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We now turn to yet another sad manifestation of The Invasion.

In Phoenix, a policeman who had fought off cancer twice and put on the uniform again was shot in the face and killed by … right. An illegal immigrant who had already been deported.

Erik Jovani Martinez had been brought to the United States from Mexico as an infant. He had been convicted of auto theft and had outstanding warrants for aggravated assault and "false imprisonment," whatever that is. He had three children. His age was a ripe 22.

After shooting Officer Nick Erfle, he hijacked a car with the driver as hostage. Forcing the driver to take him on a sightseeing tour of Phoenix, he was then stopped and surrounded by police, whereupon he put a gun to the hostage's head. A police tactical team deported Martinez to a place from which he will not be returning.

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In a fatuous column in the Arizona Republic, whose motto is "Too much immigration from Mexico isn't enough," Laurie Roberts does the why-oh-why routine and comes up with every reason except the real one.
Virginia Roper was near tears Tuesday morning as she talked about the officer, killed just a stone's throw from Amy's Beauty Salon where she works. "I don't know, I really don't know what to think," she said, as she combed a customer's hair. "Is it a sign of the times? So much violence, and young people are so angry. I don't know what to make of it."

That's because you can't make sense out of senselessness. … You ask why and a cop just shrugs, as if the answer should be obvious. "It's police work," he said. "He's a police officer." You nod as if you understand. But of course, you don't.
Well, Laurie, will you let me help you out a little bit? See if you can take this on board. Mexican. Illegal immigrant. Open borders. Arizona Republic pandering to Mexicans. Anglos cowed by political correctness.

Does that suggest any answers to you, Laurie?

This was my country and it might be yet,
But something came between us and the sun.

Edumund Blunden

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zazie said...

"political streetwalking" , what a nice way of saying things ; are you interested in the French equivalent ? Well, I 'll give it : "faire la pute", a phrase we use mainly for politics and advertisements showing "people"...
I like your posts, even though just like you I am fed up with commenting upon immigration....

Tanstaafl said...

Well said Rick. If only the Latinobots and their fifth columnists would put their endless energy into squaring away the cesspools they're fleeing rather than trying to turn this once beautiful country into yet another cesspool. See, you say it so much better.

Vanishing American said...

Rick, great post.
I know what you mean about immigration. There are so many other things to devote one's time and energy to, if only.

But stories like that of the young policeman so outrage us, and we can't let these tragedies go unlamented or unremarked.