Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dreamifornia calling

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Reading the news has put me, as usual, in a sour mood. I'm fit to write the earth a bad review. How can people be so

... sorry for the interruption, that was my nurse -- nice Greek lady, Mrs. Peristalsis I think her name is -- always bang on time with my meds and insists I take them, even if I'm in the middle of writing a blog post. She brought with her a note from Dr. Ouija. Let's see ... well, this is quite a turn-up! He's written me a prescription for two weeks in California. Tells me to get some sunshine, drive up the coast, see a few waves (thanks, Doctor, how about you waive a few fees?).

Two weeks, give or take, in California is likely to induce (a) exhilaration, (b) depression, or -- this would be my prediction -- (c) both.

I will probably not be posting during the trip; I don't own a laptop, which limits the opportunities for taking one. Look for this blog to resume production after October 26, assuming a fault line doesn't open and cause me to disappear into a crevasse. Who needs it? I have enough faults already.

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