Saturday, October 13, 2007

New York to America: Drop Dead

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The Empire State Building, a couple of miles from Ground Zero,
lit up to celebrate the Muslim holiday Eid.

Not even a direct attack to its own heart by devotees of a fanatical politico-religious cult can stay New Yorkers from their precious multi-culturalism.

Next time I hope the suicide bombers sink the whole bloody island.

I don't mean that. Not quite. Not yet.
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zazie said...

Dear Rick,
I do understand you ! This looks very much like saying to moslems that New York is "here for the taking"...
Something nicer to think of : you asked me what I thought of the new colours, the new printing, the new design of your site ; well I like them all (and I have taken my time to consider my answer, haven't I?)....

Rick Darby said...

Chere Zazie,

Thank you! What did you think of my previous posting, "Zoned out in France"? What do people you know say about the Zones Urbaines Sensibles?


zazie said...

I supose you will read this on coming back from your trip to California ; most people don't speak of "zone urbaine sensible" ; they just keep away from it and call it "zone de non-droit", which is an accurate description of a district where the police are never welcome, where firemen are subjects to stoning, where drug or weapon dealers are the bosses, where even medical services hesitate to go ! I can tell you that the Education Authorities (how pompous!) have opened a phoneline for teachers in those districts : a majority of them are constantly on the verge of breakdown....
Enjoy your trip, bask in the sunshine (in october?) of California, and come back to us fit and well.

John Savage said...

Rick, while you're gone, I just thought your readers would enjoy this, courtesy of Brussels Journal. I put it in a bit of context here.

Have a great trip!