Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Stars fell on Obama last night

The response on the evening yakfests to Elvis Obama's speech yesterday was more or less what could have been predicted. The mainstream media sighed over the sheer beauty of it, allowed themselves to be uplifted, admired how he had pulled off another balancing act, and reassured us that we can turf out the old heaven and the old earth, which are passing away, for the new heaven and the new earth are at hand.

Mr. Obama again demonstrated his mastery of empty eloquence, his brilliance at subtle evasiveness, his surgeon's skill at injecting just the right amount of racial grievance to extract a few more barrels of liberal white guilt, which can only be expiated by electing him the New Messiah.

The fact remains: for 20 years, Mr. Obama has been closely associated with a black racist, paranoid head case. Until Preacher Wright's loony ravings surfaced — no thanks to the liberal media, who have decided to crown Mr. Obama this year — our New Messiah did not see fit to utter a word of renunciation.

All his honeyed words, all his smooth oratory can't quite close the door that has opened briefly to show us what lies inside Mr. Obama.


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