Friday, March 07, 2008

Time out

Cosette, the newest family member.

Since it's hard to illustrate Nothing to Declare, I reckoned I'd give the space to a recent addition to your blogger's household. Cosette, say hello to my readers.

I'm off tomorrow on a business trip that will have me away from home all next week, but I may have a few postings from the road. Back at the old stand around March 16. See you then, if not before.



green mamba said...

An alluring kitty, very sensual and self-confident.

And don't cats just have the most intelligent eyes?

Rick Darby said...

Green Mamba,

You are so right. Cats were treated like gods in ancient Egypt and they haven't forgotten.

green mamba said...

I was going to add at the end of my last comment: "It's hard to believe they're such small-brained creatures". I mean, they're obviously intelligent by comparison with most other animals, but in comparison with humans, they're... just furry little critters. And yet they have that superior, supercool vibe about them...