Sunday, August 31, 2008

Obama divides the waters of Hurricane Gustav

His Holiness the Dalai Obama demonstrates his power against flooding in pre-hurricane Louisiana.

"We are deeply concerned," Obama told ABC News' Ann Compton at the Yankee Kitchen family restaurant in Boardman, Ohio.

Although the formality of his apotheosis is still more than two months away, His Holiness has ordered the federal government to stand by for further orders.
"I've instructed my senate staff to monitor the situation closely. Make sure we've contacted both FEMA but also private relief organizations just to make sure that whatever happens people are prepared."
The Dalai Obama's advisors are working on proposed legislation that will go beyond outlawing global warming to include action to prevent hurricanes. Bumper stickers declaring WINDS OF CHANGE, NOT OF AIR are expected to be distributed next week.

"It's well known that despite the good they do, such as destroying oil refineries that leave global carbon footprints, hurricanes have a disproportionate effect on Muslims, blacks, and women," His Holiness said as he prepared to board a helicopter en route to a Louisiana pre-destruction site on a slogan-finding mission.

"In remaking the United States, I will bring a hurricane-free future as we
end climate change by stamping out hydrocarbons."


stéphane said...

Ah, yes, did you know ? In France, they just repeat on TV to vote Obama ! (yes, but i can't, i'm just French ! ;-) )

Finnish Lighter said...

"In remaking the United States, I will bring a hurricane-free future as we end climate change by stamping out hydrocarbons."

Now this is really starting to sound like a new religion being born. He really speaks like a Messiah. Saint Barack will make even hurricanes disappear. I wonder how many more miracles there are in store for us.

zazie said...

@ finnish lighter, I'd rather speak of a sect than a religion! Of course, I do know the old saying : religions are successful sects....I never agreed with that ; neither did I ever mistake belief (sect!) for faith ; the problem is many people seem to want/need to believe in yet another "homme providentiel"...
@ Stéphane
I am French too, so....If I were American, I would feverishly try to find a way to vote against Obama WITHOUT voting for McCain! Last year I did find a way to vote against Royal without voting for Sarkozy ; I suppose there must be a way for Americans!

stephane said...

@zazie : don't hesitate to contact me on my weblog :

The only way for americans is probably don't vote now. :-(

Personnely, i forget politic now, and i interest myself into "culture", book writing, etc...

I create a new web site to do that :

Rick Darby said...

finnish lighter,

I should point out that, although the highlighted quote is from a real news article, the rest is just my satire on the mentality of Obama and his worshipers.

Rick Darby said...


Stéphane has a video with a "trance" soundtrack by Astral Projection on her site l'Avenir du Futur:

Terry Morris said...

LOL! Thank God for our Savior Obama! I've asked the question many times why Bush didn't square off with Katrina and command her with the words: "Peace, be still!".