Thursday, November 27, 2008

No holiday from terrorism


Americans who take Thanksgiving Day seriously must be thankful that, with one great exception, we have been spared mass killings based on the fanaticism of members of a politico-religious group. That's no reason to be complacent. What has happened in Mumbai can happen here.

We should stop all Muslim immigration, now.

The great majority of Muslims do not condone acts like those of the Indian Mujahideen. I have no doubt that many Muslims abhor this madness. The fact remains that Islam is not a tolerant religion. It has no notion of religious freedom. Its adherents do not, cannot if they are "good" Muslims, accept living in peace with non-Muslims except as a temporary necessity. The Muslim world is divided in two: Dar-al-Islam, the House of Islam, and Dar-al-Harb, the House of War.

Muslim immigration will always include a certain percentage of terrorists and terrorist enablers. There is no way to sort out who is who before the fact. Face the reality, unpleasant though it is: Muslim immigration involves a component -- it doesn't matter how small -- that will make scenes of horror like those in Mumbai more likely to be enacted here.

Let's give thanks that we have achieved a society that, to an overwhelming degree, allows people to live peacefully with those of different beliefs. Such a situation is rare in history and rare in the world today. In return for all that we can be grateful for on this day of Thanksgiving, we have an obligation to do what we must to preserve domestic peace and protect the innocent.


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