Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What to do after the Second Coming

That's what all of us Obamaskeptics are trying to figure out. My thoughts are no better than anyone else's, and of course a lot depends on The Messiah's actions, but here's how it looks at the moment from this quarter.


The first priority of The Resistance is to keep our communication lines open. We must resist like hell every move on Obama's part to stifle dissent. He will most likely try to drive a stake through the heart of conservative radio (not that it's been very intelligently conservative, but we need to keep the medium available); pass "hate speech" laws to criminalize opposition to force-fed multi-culturalism; and above all, he and his pinstriped goons will lean on Google and other Web-hosting and blogging software companies to shut down sites critical of his plans to remake America in His image.

The second priority is to oppose his drive for open borders and race replacement.

If those can be held off, two game changers are coming down the pike — one almost certain, one possible. Neither are anything to be wished for. But if we play for time, one or both will very likely scupper Obama's agenda.

When cash is trash.

The first is the economic debacle. You ain't seen nothin' yet.

The karma from decades' worth of irresponsibility will very likely be paid off by a depression like that of the 1930s, if not worse. What must happen is a colossal "deleveraging," in the current buzzword. Leverage, of course, is simply borrowing money to bet on investments. Normally, when you borrow from (let's say) a brokerage to buy "on margin" and your shares bought with borrowed money go into the abyss, the brokerage wants you to fork over more money.

It's risky even in ordinary times, but something similar is now happening on a grand scale. The risk was multiplied vastly when our financial institutions leveraged not to make ordinary investments, but to bet on derivatives that turned out to be either worthless (because keyed to impossibilities, like adjustable rate mortgages
on baby mansions "bought" by immigrants and minorities who couldn't conceivably make their payments once the ARMs popped), or so complex that it is virtually beyond the mind of man to determine what they contain and what they are worth.


This comes at a time when the United States, if it were a person, would be forced to declare bankruptcy and have the creditors lining up around the block.

The government, which being a government can pass a law reversing gravity, will come up with a solution. But you won't like it. The solution will be to meet its staggering debts with five-cent dollars. Not only will your savings and income approach zero value, but so will all those bonds we've sold to foreign governments, who bought them to keep Americans fat and happy, able to buy foreign exports. Only now we can't buy many of them, and the rest of the world no longer has a motivation to keep us fat and happy. "Dollar" will become a term of contempt and humor, the way we used to laugh at zlotys.


Oh, and that other game changer. Unless we are very lucky — and with His Holiness Obama masterminding our national security, it will be dumb luck — the next Big Bang militant Islamic terrorist attack will visit us during his incumbency.

Both game changers are dreadful prospects. The first might, paradoxically, save the country from a determined radical who sees the country as a big community that needs him and his followers to "organize" it. The second I wouldn't want for anything. But we could survive it.

Either, or both, will keep His Holiness Obama too busy and too desperate to concentrate on minor business like turning the United States into a branch office of Mexico or a hologram of South Africa.

Steady on. The Resistance continues.


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Anonymous said...

Good stuff. Sadly the only thing that might save us from hyperinflation is a crippling deflationary recession. Yay!

We're so screwed it's not even funny.