Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Muslim impatience: France's only hope for saving its own culture?


The battle of the Marne stopped the German army from taking Paris in 1914, but since then France hasn't shown good form in resisting foreign invasion. Not just in 1940, but now.

Today's invasion is demographic rather than military. Tiberge at GalliaWatch quotes an economist,
Gérard Pince:
… Pince demonstrated through his own calculations, which were in turn based on a handful of givens furnished by leading research institutes, that the official figures on immigration are not only too low, but deliberately skewed so as to fool the general population.

According to Pince, by the year 2060 (50 years from now, but in fact much sooner than that, since for certain age groups, the tipping point is about to be reached), the ethnic French people will be a minority in their own land. Furthermore, he demonstrates that the number of North and sub-Saharan Africans and Asians in France today is at least 9 million. (The figure bandied about by many news sources is still 5 million, based on data from the Interior Ministry from several years ago. But time has passed, and inevitably the numbers have doubl
Pince — like Tiberge, in her commentary — thinks the indigenous French are so apathetic, spineless and soaked in cultural Marxism that they'll go quietly into dhimmitude. That may not be true for the majority of citoyens, but it certainly seems to be spot on for government officials and EU puppets. According to the New York Times, Marseille is now "Sahara on the sea." (Typically, the Times celebrates a French city being annexed to North Africa.)

The French people who are conscious of the peril haven't the slightest chance of convincing the majority, conditioned by propaganda from childhood," Pince says. "We can expect nothing from public opinion or from elections that direct the life of a democracy."

All that French Muslims have to do is wait while their wombs keep up the production of Muslims. Game over.

Ironically, only young Muslims impatient to get on with turning France into Dar-al-Islam can change the population replacement scenario, Pince thinks.
At the opposite pole of our bleeding heart liberalism, this youth dreams of fighting it out as quickly as possible, and the smallest spark could, therefore, ignite a general conflagration.

In this way the adversary becomes an ally. In truth, general and long-lasting riots would modify the behavior of our countrymen. In a former life, I used to go to Gabon where I visited a couple of leftist expats. One day in 1964, the president of the country was overthrown and right away the populace spilled out into the streets shouting "Dirty whites! We're going to bust your heads!" You can imagine my surprise when I discovered my left-wing friend on her knees praying "My God, send the parachutists as quickly as possible!"

This comical volte-face means that fear can disconnect even the most conditioned opinions. People recover their normal behavior patterns, as if a spell were suddenly lifted. In the event of major disturbances, the majority of Frenchmen would demand the intervention of the armed forces, the application of martial law and the installing of a provisional dictatorship under Article 16.

Martial law. Provisional dictatorship. Those are chilling words to anyone who believes in a free society. But no more threatening than a country under sharia law.

Naturally, one would hope instead for France to wake from its multi-culti trance and break the Left's intellectual grip on its society. A peaceful de-Islamization based on acknowledging that Islam is an all-encompassing politico-religious system that can't be assimilated, but only surrendered to, would be preferable for everyone (including French Muslims) to the civil war that may otherwise lie in wait.

In Gérard Pince's view, though, the indigenous French have ceded the initiative to their ever-growing Muslim faction.

Individuals are sometimes wise; nations, rarely. So nations end up paying a dear price for what, with foresight, they could have obtained at minimal cost.


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Anonymous said...

I predicted many years ago, soon after 9/11, that civil wars were likely in Europe, as no indegenous population will hand over power to an alien group.

So what do we do to avoid a civil war and stop the demographic Jihad.

What hurts the Jihad i.e., the most important aspect of Islam, is stopping Islam's expansion. This is what really hurts Islam and its adherents.

All we have to do is to state openly and with humility, that the continued large scale presence of Muslims in the West, with their atttendant life styles that are in open conflict with Western values, is leading to huge strains within society. Such strains will eventually lead to fracture -civil war. Therefore, with compassion for all, and to prevent unnecesary loss of life, it is best that Islam/Muslims are separated from the West. To this end, we will offer financial assistance to Muslims who need it.

In Islam, preventing the expansion of Islam, is the worst of all scenarios for Islam, and is cause sufficient to wage offensive Jihad. Unfortunately for Muslims, any such recourse by them would be fatal. If OTH they resort to terrorism, it will only justify our original decision.

Common humanity requires that we undertake this before it is too late. If we dont do this, and civil strife starts up in the West (Britain and the Netherlands are on the brink), then it will lead to a fissure with the Islamic world that will last a thousand years(just as before).

We have to continue stating this in as many forums as possible, with humility, and nothing but compassion for all, as that is the only way that the Liberal mindset will even consider the situation.