Monday, August 10, 2009

Next census will count illegals


The U.S. government, tired of taking orders from its citizens — many of whom have bad habits like opposition — continues to recruit a new country to rule. Time was, a nation had to go on a conquest binge outside its own borders to bulk up its power. That's so 19th century. Now in the era of soft tyrrany, the central government just throws out a dragnet for a new nation-within-a-nation of subservient clients.

Even the immigration pimps at the Wall Street Journal seem to find something a little unsettling (or illegally settling) about congressional representation being skewed by counting los illegals.
Next year’s census will determine the apportionment of House members and Electoral College votes for each state. To accomplish these vital constitutional purposes, the enumeration should count only citizens and persons who are legal, permanent residents. But it won’t.

Instead, the U.S. Census Bureau is set to count all persons physically present in the country—including large numbers who are here illegally. The result will unconstitutionally increase the number of representatives in some states and deprive some other states of their rightful political representation.
It's hard to credit such a position from the Journal, which trumpets in season and out the need for vast armies of dead-end-job peons and HB-1 visa brainiacs — the former to turn the minimum-wage mills, the latter to grind out computer code in lieu of Americans with their peculiar salary expectations. Maybe even the cheap labor gang leaders have a twinge of constitutional conscience once per blue moon.

According to the latest American Community Survey, California has 5,622,422 noncitizens in its population of 36,264,467. Based on our round-number projection of a decade-end population in that state of 37,000,000 (including 5,750,000 noncitizens), California would have 57 members in the newly reapportioned U.S. House of Representatives.

However, with noncitizens not included for purposes of reapportionment, California would have 48 House seats (based on an estimated 308 million total population in 2010 with 283 million citizens, or 650,000 citizens per House seat). Using a similar projection, Texas would have 38 House members with noncitizens included. With only citizens counted, it would be entitled to 34 members.

See how it works? The more illegals, the more representatives the state has, and very likely the more votes in Congress for federal support of the Third World colonists and their extended families. States and districts prefer someone else to pick up the check.

America, you are being suckered. But you knew that already. "The census has drifted far from its constitutional roots, and the 2010 enumeration will result in a malapportionment of Congress," the Journal says. I agree with everything in that sentence except "drifted." This is an act of control, not drift.



Terry Morris said...

Well, you know that line from the DoI that states "governments are instituted among men deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed"? "The governed" is applied very broadly these days.

You wrote:

The more illegals, the more representatives the state has, and very likely the more votes in Congress for federal support of the Third World colonists and their extended families.

Very likely? Don't you mean "most certainly" or something like that?

yih said...

Hardly anything new. The Census has officially been counting illegals since 1980.
Carter began it, Bush 41 did nothing to change it, and don't think Palin/MaCain (as talk radio likes to call that fail) would have changed it.