Friday, April 02, 2010

Future shocked

Man arrested at Large Hadron Collider
Claims He's From the Future

A would-be saboteur arrested today at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland made the bizarre claim that he was from the future. Eloi Cole, a strangely dressed young man, said that he had travelled back in time to prevent the LHC from destroying the world.
CNET UK, April 1

I guess I should finally cop to it. Like Mr. Cole, I am from the future. Although I have not traveled as far back in time as he has, I can claim that I arrived decades before he did. And I have taken care to dress in period clothing (this period's, that is). My mission is to escape the Dystopia that lies only a few years in the future — your future.


What do you mean, you want to know the details of the Dystopia? You have the clues all around you. You are creating the future through your own actions, or lack of them.

All right, I'll give you a couple of examples.

How was it possible — excuse me, I'm living in 2010 now, I think — how is it possible that a national government, with the country verging on a Greater Depression, can see no way out except to try to re-create the very bubble that caused the debacle? That is once again doing everything but stand on its head to get people to go into debt to consume more instead of encouraging factors that help create worthwhile jobs?

That instead of offering incentives to small and medium-sized businesses, which generate most of the private sector jobs, it is burdening them with more regulations and taxes? That is padding the federal government payroll with a new bumper crop of bureaucratic positions? That believes in so-called bailouts?


You can't say nobody warned you. All kinds of "alternative" economic commentators — alternative, that is, to the Sorcerer's apprentices of the banking industry who set official policy — have called them on the madness. For example, here's Edward Harrison on bailouts:
Essentially bankrupt institutions are being been propped up and the toxic assets remain. The Administration does not want house prices to decline to a sustainable level, but to prop them up. The language "goal of stabilizing housing markets" tells you that.

So, the aims of the Geithner proposal are to perpetuate the status quo ante via renewed house price appreciation and foreclosure prevention. Moreover, it is clear that the principal reduction is more about the banks than the homeowners. In reality this is a another backdoor bailout for the banks camouflaged as support for homeowners. It is a way of recapitalizing banks by having the government pony up for the dodgy assets still on their balance sheets which they have not yet written down.

This principal reduction plan is a very direct transfer of income from you the taxpayer to the bank. After twiddling our thumbs for so long while the banks were outfitted with bailout after bailout of taxpayer money, while they were allowed to repay the TARP money, and while they were allowed to pay huge bonuses, it is unconscionable that we are shovelling more money into these companies.
So much for the economic side. But you are also committing cultural suicide.


Your governments insist on pursuing the fantasy that virtually unlimited and indiscriminate immigration of Third World and Muslim populations creates a "vibrant" diversity. This is based on the egalitarian notion that cultural differences are only superficial, that you can mix-'n'-match tribes to your heart's content. In reality, you are sending out an urgent request for trouble. Consider this absurdity, as reported by the Beeb:

An Islamic state school in Britain has been told it is breaking the law by favouring Sunni pupils over Shia ones in giving out places.

England's schools adjudicator says the Madani High School in Leicester was set up in the state sector as a school for all Muslims. But she says the school's admissions system favours four schools of Islamic law which belong to the Sunni sect.

The school transferred to the state system in 2007.

Got that? England has set up a state school to teach Islam. And of course — what did they expect? — not only is it turning out classes of children with heads full of a total-immersion politico-religious system, but they have imported a millennium-old tradition of sectarian feuding.

It's poetic justice, really. Race replacement justified by the U.K.'s Marxist government on the grounds of all cultures being equal now runs aground because two branches of Islam want priority.

The school was also found to have failed to honour its stated intention of making 10% of places available to non-Muslim pupils.
Who'd have imagined that?

The school's mission statement says that it wants to help "learners to become confident in their identity as British Muslims".

When a state-sponsored school — I presume that means paid for out of taxes on non-Muslims as well as Muslims — can't be bothered to enrich its diversity with a token 10 percent non-Muslims, I'd say the "learners" are quite confident enough in their identity.

Well, I hope you dig the Dystopia I've managed to escape by the grace of the Large Hadron Collider. But you won't. Ask anyone who's been there.


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