Friday, June 11, 2010

Tea Party "patriot" supports population replacement

The diversity squad is again trumpeting their glee in the mainstream media, and they have the numbers on their side. It's all over, they insist. Non-hispanic whites will be a minority in a few years. Get used to it, gringo.

USA Today:
Minorities accounted for almost 49% of U.S. births in the year ending July 1, 2009, a record high, according to data released Thursday. They make up more than half the population in 317 counties — about 1 in 10 — four states (California, Hawaii, New Mexico, Texas) and the District of Columbia. …

Much of the rapid growth in diversity is driven by an influx of young Hispanic immigrants whose birthrates are higher than those of non-Hispanic whites, creating a race and ethnic chasm and a widening age gap. "There are more than 500 counties which have a majority of minority children," says Kenneth Johnson, demographer at the University of New Hampshire's Carsey Institute. "The population is changing to minority from the bottom up."
The Wall Street Journal:
Whites are on the verge of becoming a minority among newborn children in the U.S., marking a demographic shift that is already reshaping the nation's politics and economy. …

Charlotte, N.C., and surrounding Mecklenburg County offer a microcosm of the diversifying nation. A statue of Mahatma Gandhi stands in front of the historic county courthouse, a gift from the Charlotte Asian Heritage Association. Food Lion, a supermarket chain in the Southeast, spent the past year adding thousands of Hispanic food items to 19 Charlotte area stores. In 1990, 70.3% of the county was white. Today, it is 54.6%, and Mecklenburg County's youngest whites are a minority among their peers.
Journal, of course, is pleased as Punch. More cheap labor. More customers. Forbes agrees:
America should open its borders. Anyone who wants to immigrate to the U.S. should be allowed to, with the bare minimum of bureaucracy. Those already here illegally should be legalized. Open borders would make this country richer, more entrepreneurial--and more secure.
The federal government encourages population replacement, while putting up a verbal smokescreen:
The nation's top immigration enforcement official vowed on Thursday to process many -- but not all -- of the illegal immigration cases referred to his agency by the state of Arizona, something he said his agency has continued to do even while federal attorneys wrangle over the Grand Canyon state's new immigration law.

"The truth of the matter is we do not have sufficient resources to identify, apprehend and remove every single person that's in this country unlawfully," John Morton, assistant secretary for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said at a morning press conference. "So we'll continue to accept the referrals from the state of Arizona, just as we do today, but we will continue to make a decision on a case-by-case basis, in light of our resources and in light of our priorities."

Resources: Toy border guards. Priority: Zero minus.

But wait! What about the Tea Party? Don't its New American Revolutionaries have something to say about population replacement?

Yes, and in the case of Carol Negro, writing at American Thinker, it's "Hell, yes! Bring it on!"

America is not a plot of land. It is not a culture. It is not a nationality. It is not a set of traditions or customs. It is not a government. It is not a people. It is not a book of laws. And it certainly isn't a race.

America is an idea.

That's why anyone can become an American. Embrace the idea (and fill out a few forms) and you're an American. You're one of us.

Thank you, Carol, for setting me straight. I was under the retrograde impression that America is a particular piece of land. That it has its own traditional culture. That it was created by and prospered under certain people with certain habits of mind and values. That, unlike so much of the world, it was designed to work under a Constitution and laws in tune with it. That saying, "I want in!" (an idea) isn't enough.

Silly old me, I actually thought American citizenship involved more than filling out a few forms.

Is Carol Negro — "Founder & Director of MyLiberty, the Tea Party Patriots of San Mateo, California" — parodying the likes of the USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, et al.? Or is she, too, assuring us that resistance is futile? Apparently her commenters assume the latter, and almost all agree with her.

It may be that Americans, including the dwindling percentage of whites, think the USA is nothing but an "idea" and that race and cultural background are irrelevant. If they want to live in a balkanized country, that is what they will get. From their silence and collaboration with the diversity lobby, it seems that is what they want.



MnMark said...

I recall that whites were going to become a minority somewhere around 2050, and then that was moved into the 2040s and again recently into the early 2040s. With the news about the birth rates and the large number of illegals' births, it looks like the trend is accelerating exponentially, as I expected it would. As aliens like Obama gain political power, they throw the gates open for even more aliens to enter, who force the gates even wider for even more aliens to enter. So things speed up faster and faster.

This is a good thing. The only way to fundamentally have stopped this process would have been Constitutional amendments that did things like end birthright citizenship, legalize religious discrimination, and so on - and that window when whites could have passed those sorts of amendments closed years ago (because of the high barrier that has to be overcome to get an amendment passed). Once things like birthright citizenship were combined with other things like the 1965 immigration law changes and the 1986 amnesty, and once that amendment window closed, the dispossession of whites was a foregone conclusion. Unless whites had started reproducing at a much higher rate, of course, which isn't going to happen because we're more responsible than brown people in the regard.

OK, so dispossession was going to happen. Given that, the real threat was that it would happen so slowly that whites would adjust to it and not really notice the negative changes. But it's happening faster and faster - that's great. Best thing that could happen, given the realities of demographic dispossession. Let it happen fast. Let the NAMs become arrogant and overconfident and boisterous and rude and flush with power...let them show their exhiliariation at being able to lord it over whites. This will all be very educational for liberal whites.

I remember reading a young liberal white British woman's comment that she was sad to think of her heritage disappearing but that she was kind of looking forward to being a minority so she would be able to openly advocate for her people's interests. Of course, even when whites are a minority, they will still be wealtheir than NAMs and the NAM politicians will still whine that injustice is occurring. But fewer and fewer whites are going to be open to that argument.

There's going to have to be a rebellion and a separation, whether de jure or de facto. It's not going to happen until enough whites get angry, and they're not going to get angry until they're in pain and feeling firsthand what it's like to live in a Brazil-style country with rampant crime and corruption and poverty. Northern Europeans have never done that or tolerated that. My bet is that it's not in our genes to tolerate it.

I guess I'm firmly in the camp of "worse is better" and "the faster it gets worse, the better".

Rick Darby said...


That's a lot to ponder … but I think I agree. People don't tend to recognize slow, incremental changes. For instance, we're normally not conscious of ourselves or our family members growing older from day to day.

A more gradual change than we are experiencing now would mean that each generation would be less likely to notice what was going on. The following generation would accept the earlier changes as a baseline, and in its turn fail to see the growth in non-American colonization.

So yes, shockingly fast transformation might be just what it takes to motivate strong resistance.

I do not look forward to a confrontation; I'd much rather reverse the trend before the flash point is reached; but every day seems to bring more evidence that the two great powerhouses of the modern state, government and transnational corporations, will not give over their support of population replacement.

"I remember reading a young liberal white British woman's comment that she was sad to think of her heritage disappearing but that she was kind of looking forward to being a minority so she would be able to openly advocate for her people's interests." — I had to laugh at that. It's absurd, but also dead typical of so many whites who are just beginning to emerge from the political correctness trance. This woman needs to come to her senses quickly, because the chances are her open advocacy of "her people's interests" will not be welcomed, or even tolerated, once she is in the minority.

earthman said...

Look what has happened in California. Whites are now 40% of the population down from 47% at the turn of the 21st century,and, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, California now has the least educated workforce in the nation (we were 7th in the 70's). Dead last. A once great state quickly destroyed by immigration, legal and otherwise...

Anonymous said...

I too ask for it hard and fast while there is yet time. I have young children (with blue eyes, no less) and I know it is their only hope for any kind of future. I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees.