Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Your tax dollars at play

"Brothers Kissing":
One of the "Masterpieces of American Portraiture"
from the National Portrait Gallery

Freeze federal salaries? It may be the first sensible words ever spoken from Barack Kenyatta's throne. What do you think the odds are? I foresee a huge protest in Washington, federal spongers marching on their own offices. Maybe a sit-down strike or work-to-the-rule, in public rather than as usual in their cubicles.

No, stronger medicine is needed. The nations of the world agree about very little, but they would probably put carbon emissions to the side and join together as the 180 Musketeers, one for all and all for one, to declare the U.S. government officially bankrupt.


The assets of the federal government should be placed in receivership. The government should be allowed to keep one house — the Capitol — and a car. No credit for seven years.

Nothing else will work. The government is incapable of self-control, even as it closes in on its ultimate goal of controlling the citizens it allegedly serves.

Not a day goes by without dozens of media pundits sharing their visions of financial apocalypse. Politicians declare total war on deficits. The spending goes on.

Guidebooks for tourists in Washington love to gush about the wonderful "free" Smithsonian Institution museums. Wonderful some of them are; free, they are not. In today's Leftspeak, "free" means "subsidized by the government." Subsidized by the government means you're helping pay for it, if you're foolish enough to be gainfully employed at some boring job, rather than a transgressive artist. Sixty-five percent of the Smithsonian budget comes from the federales.

Planning to take the kiddies to the National Portrait Gallery, one of the Smithsonian's museums, maybe to see paintings of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson? Well, the NPG has a special surprise for you and your nippers: an exhibit of homoerotic art. Merry Winter Holiday.


Meanwhile, the Congress that can't do a thing about its own bloat wants to de-obesify the youngsters after they've had their gawk at an ant-covered Jesus on the cross. Hand in hand with the National Wildlife Federation, the corrupt Sierra Club, and the YMCA (YMA?), our legislators are deeply involved with the issue of how the kids play. It's about encouraging outdoor activity, and (by the way) boosting the Washington State budget, "where the economy is so tied to the Great Outdoors."

The federal government never met a program it didn't like, as long as Congress figured they could buy a few votes with it and add more bodies to the federal payroll. You can donate to these and other projects; just make sure your contribution is postmarked by April 15.


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Matt G. said...

I find the love of all things homosexual by liberals to be endlessly amusing. Homosexuality is practically worshipped in books, TV shows, movies, etc. Is it possible to go to an art gallery these days that doesn't have some gay theme to it? My liberal friend and his uber-liberal wife are always going to some gay event or traveling to visit all their gay friends (and no he's not gay). Whenever I come across a homosexual the usual term that comes to mind is mental illness, since that's how most of them come across.