Saturday, February 12, 2011


PhotobucketI will be on vacation for the next week. I'm also taking the week off from blogging, unless some extraordinary event calls for it.

This space will re-activate after February 19. Meanwhile, be well, and thank you for stopping by.


Maria said...

Dude, you're visiting the hellhole on your __vacation__? What for?

yih said...

You seem to really like Cali!
Would that be called masochism? ;)

Maria said...

Check out the latest post on my blog. ):

green mamba said...

Looking forward to reading your impressions of la-la land, which is where I live.

Rick Darby said...

Maria and yih,

If you know Los Angeles well, you must know that there are specific areas and places that remain attractive. My wife and I visited both Getty museums as well as the Norton Simon in Pasadena, and spent most of our time in Brentwood, Santa Monica, and Pasadena. We went to an outstanding concert of Afghan music, saw a movie (The Eagle, unfortunately not good, at the technically superb Arclight theater complex), heard jazz at the lovely Vibrato Grill near the top of Beverly Glen Canyon.

I have to acknowledge, though, that the traffic and parking problems were often maddening.

Green Mamba,

I'm glad to hear from you again. In my next post, I'll offer a brief impression of "La-la Land."