Saturday, April 16, 2011

Most predictable story of the year

Few blacks attend Civil War anniversary events
CHARLESTON, S.C. – As cannons thudded around Charleston Harbor this week in commemoration of the start of the war that extinguished slavery, the audiences for the 150th-anniversary events were nearly all-white. Even black scholars lecturing about black Union troops and the roots of slavery gazed out mostly on white faces.
Well, that settles it. Not enough blacks in attendance, so the celebration is illegitimate. American history must be wiped out when it falls into the category of Stuff Black People Don't Like.
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I am sorry that postings have been sparse this week. The press of business and that. There will probably be no postings next week. I'm heading back to California, two months after the last visit, but this time it's work (and in San Diego rather than LA). Experience tells me it will be a very busy time and I will probably be out of touch with events. Look for the blog to resume after Friday the 22nd.


Maria said...

Hah! I saw that article and almost made a post about it myself. The tone of the article was ridiculous. We are not allowed now to commemorate our 700K dead?

Van Wijk said...

As cannons thudded around Charleston Harbor this week in commemoration of the start of the war that extinguished slavery...

I think AP means the war that crushed states' rights and laid the groundwork for the federal hydra that rules us with impunity today.

Importing blacks into this country was a horrific mistake. I grow more and more weary of this millstone that our ancestors have placed around our necks.

Maria said...

It was white Marxists who were the worst thing to happen to this country, and to the entire Western World at large.

The birth of Karl Marx was the single most catastrophic thing to ever befall the West.

Rick Darby said...

I should have written "commemoration" rather than "celebration." The War Between the States* is nothing to celebrate, but it should be remembered and studied without ideological revisionism.

* I don't much like the term "War Between the States," but I like "Civil War" even less. A civil war is between factions trying to take power over a country. It does not apply to 1861-65; the South was not fighting to rule the United States, but to leave it.

Scott said...

My extended family calls it "the War of Northern Aggression" or "Lincoln's War".
Also, welcome to back to Mexifornia. San Diego is nicer than El Lay at least to this native San Diegan (one of the few).

Maria said...

I call it the Unpleasantness Between the States. Descendant of a Missouri Home Guard militia man here, where things were very unpleasant indeed.

Martin B said...

The Unfortunate Misunderstanding Between the States

The Agressive Negotiation Between the States

The Significant Dialogue Between the States

Maria said...

The Unnecessary Slaughterhouse of (mostly white) Americans.