Monday, July 02, 2012

No power to the people

We got home last night from a fast-track vacation -- lots to write about, but it will have to wait -- and sure enough, the storm that caused power outages in the District (if only it had knocked out political power!) and large patches of the MD and VA suburbs had not spared us. 

The cats were all right; they don't normally use many electrical appliances, but I suppose the lack of air conditioning was a misery to them.

I sat out on the porch late. It was marginally cooler outside, maybe only 80 degrees. Inside ... ugh. I'm running a serious sleep deficit. But even celebrities have it tough: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes seem to have run out of electricity too.

It could be several days before we get electricity again (this is written from another location). Stay tuned.

If you sent any comments that are awaiting moderation, please be patient, as I only know how to access them from the home computer.

UPDATE 7/3: I've discovered I don't need to moderate comments from home emails -- I can do it here. I'm still getting used to this new Blogger interface.


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