Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The state of the Union

 Dunblane "Slam" Doerr, U.S. Very Special Agent, testifying
before a House Committee against HR 6357.

A U.S. congressman has introduced a bill to make it illegal for your government to kill you without due process.
Last Friday, US Congressman Dennis Kucinich introduced HR 6357, a bill which aims to ‘prohibit the extrajudicial killing of United States citizens’ by the federal government. In other words, in the Land of the Free, they need to pass a law to prevent the government from indiscriminately murdering its own citizens.
However, the bill has run into unexpected opposition. Rep. DeLancy Street, the much-loved Plutocrat Party congressman from New York, spoke against it in a House chamber populated by four congressmen, 17 ushers, and one spectator.

According to the Congressional Stuck Record, Rep. Street delivered himself of the following comments:

Mr. Speaker, I rise in opposition to Bill HR 6357 introduced by my distinguished colleague Mr. Kucinich. This is a deeply flawed piece of legislation which will drag this great Congress's name through the mud in 49 states plus Arizona.

At my instigation, the nonpartisan Center for Citizen Assassination conducted a study of the projected outcomes were this bill to become law. The resulting report should be disquieting to any fair-minded person.

According to the CCA analysts, every "black ops" killing is directly responsible for creating 2.7 jobs. That's 2.7 tax-generating, "shoot-ready" jobs in high-tech fields such as drone piloting. But that's only the tip of the lettuce -- er, strike that -- of the iceberg. 

Domestic assassination further supports an administrative staff of 72,477 federal workers (women and minorities especially encouraged to apply). With our country's well-known employment problems, I hardly think it is time to put these patriotic men, women, and trans-sexuals out on the street. And for what, I ask you, for what? To prevent the removal of members of hate groups brought the attention of our government through the tireless cooperation of the Southern Propertied Watchbird Center?

At this very moment, no less than 2.5 million hate group members identified by the SPWC are being targeted for

The transcript of the congressman's remarks ends at this point.


Rusty Mason said...

The Sovereign Man must do a whole lot of spying; it locks up my computer for minutes at a time.

"That’s why I fundamentally believe that today is one of the most exciting times to be alive since the French Revolution. And we’re just getting warmed up."

And Simon thinks this a good thing.

Rick Darby said...


Yeah, the French revolution was an exciting time all right. If you were an aristocrat you could experience your head dropping into a basket. If a priest, you could be buried alive. That was just in Paris. At Nantes, thousands of anti-republicans were drowned in the river.

I doubt Simon knows anything about the revolution. And I don't believe the stories he posts about being his own perpetual motion machine traveling from one escapist haven to another.