Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Life after death has now been scientifically proven. When you die, you go to a polling place and vote for Obama.

Sorry, sometimes humor is therapeutic. Just my little joke -- it remains to be seen (or may never be known) how much of the vote counting was fraudulent. I don't doubt some was, but it probably didn't change the result.

So where are we now? We're going to have a lot to think and talk about and try to prepare for.

For me at least, it is not yet time to strategize. We must first absorb this loss, intellectually and emotionally.

We need to turn away the natural tendency to denial. American traditions, the Constitution, loyalty to any constituency beyond racial and ethnic tribes, the odds of soon rebuilding the economy, lost yesterday. Big time. This is what we have to come to terms with before anything else.

Don't look for silver linings; not to say there aren't any (although they sure are hard to spot at the moment), but right now the republic that was bequeathed to us by the greatest assembly of political philosophers in history is torn and bleeding. Deal with it.


YIH said...

I thought I'd pass this along; apparently Vanishing American has disappeared
Even Auster has posted seeking information about her status (let's just say they were not exactly friends and leave it at that).
If you have any way to contact her please try. I can only do so via her blog or forum (it is still ''up'').

Anonymous said...

Fat lot of good if th greatest bunch of political philosophers made a system that is open to abuse on this scale.

The trouble is, the constitutional framers devised a constitution for mainly an English speaking and an English cultured people.

It was never meant for a hodge podge society, each living in its own ghetto, which is what America has been for quite some time now.

As for the president of the USA, the incumbent has become a divisive figure, instead of a unifying one. If the president is Democrat, he will be hated, and I mean really hated, by the all others, and so on. GW Bush was hated by the Democrats as if he were the devil incarnate. This of course, could have been seen by the founders.

Compare with the UK or Canada. The head of state is the Queen, and she is respected and loved by virtually all, no matter which party is in power.