Friday, November 01, 2013

The borders of reality

The anti-Obama commentariat (and some of his former coat holders) are gloating over the size XXXXL debacle of ObamaCare, as well as all the other evidence that this man is too petty, self-centered, and ignoble to preside even over a country as tattered as the U.S. Fine. But even if his plan to place our health in the hands of gray-faced bureaucrats goes under, the population replacement goes on.

If the United States continues to adopt the Third World wholesale, it won't make a damned bit of difference in a few years what the score is now. Massive immigration of financial opportunists will ensure a permanent control by politicians who promise the most freebies and attempt to fulfill the promise by shaking down the productive elements of society until they are in the same boat with the welfare class.

Hark to this: the problem isn't "illegal immigration." It's massive immigration, period. The Magic Hopemaster wants to solve illegal immigration by making it legal, while everybody is glued to the TV watching his disposable ministers like Kathleen Sebelius being harpooned. Various me-too Republicans are already lining up to acquire a plethora of grateful immigration invasion voters in their states or districts.

In a way the Hopemaster and his controllers do know something of the stage magician's art. The magician keeps the audience distracted with much more flamboyant actions than the sneaky work of setting up the trick.

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