Friday, January 12, 2007

Hope over experience

Samuel Johnson described a second marriage as a triumph of hope over experience.

This headline illustrates another such hope:

Islam Urged to Accept Enlightenment


NewsVeiws said...

There can be no ''enlightenment'' for islam. Any attempts to do so are rejected by moslims as apostasy.
Many jews reject 'messianic jews' (an offshoot of judeism that belives that Christ is indeed the messiah) as non-jews (i.e. a form of Christianity).
Sunni moslims consider shi'ite moslims apostates (non moslims) and vice-versa.
In our hell-bent mission to ''get saddam'' this was an example of how the administration leapt before looking.
With truely tragic consequences. And what will wind up being even more tragic as thousands of ''iraqi refugees'' come to America.
What you see happening to Americans over in ''iraq'' will eventually be happening to Americans in America. And yes, that scares the living hell out of me.

Rick Darby said...


I have the same worry you do. But we, individually and collectively, still have the opportunity to shape the future. Our first job is to make sure we don't give in to despair, or we really are lost. Then we must act as our intelligence and our conscience urge us.

NewsVeiws said...

I understand what you're saying.
And it's why we MUST work to prevent ''iraqi refugees'' from coming to America.
While the torrent of mexicans coming across the border is very important, stopping any and all attempts to bring ''iraqi refugees'' here IS EVEN MORE SERIOUS.
I did a post featuring a video of a humvee being hit by an IED in ''iraq''. It was fully intended to be dramatic. Picture tooling down I-4 headed for Disney World and suddenly BOOM!
THAT is why WE MUST keep ALL ''iraqi refugees'' out of America.
Even if michelle malkin posts pics of ''the wonderful iraqi people'', we MUST stand strong, they MUST stay in ''iraq'', THEY CANNOT COME TO AMERICA!!!
I used the phrase 'cold-hearted', Vanishing American used the phrase 'hard-hearted' to describe it.
Six of one, half-dozen of the other. I'm quite aware that ''iraq'' has become a living hell. It dismays me every day. Because I know what the cause of it is.
But I also know that as soon as ''iraqi refugees'' begin to come here it won't be long before the techniques they used to butcher Americans THERE will used against Americans HERE...