Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Provincial reconstruction

Bush is expected to announce plans to double the number of provincial reconstruction teams and call for big new job and loan programs and a renewed reconstruction effort. … Senior U.S. officials are calling for an increase in civilian workers to accompany the expected addition of up to 20,000 troops.
Los Angeles Times, January 10, 2007

With Democrats now in charge on Capitol Hill, a 700-mile fence that swept through the previous Republican-controlled Congress is apt to come under a scathing re-evaluation amid reports of skyrocketing costs and widening opposition along the U.S.-Mexican border. … The growing outcry from local officials parallels renewed concerns over costs following a report that the price tag for building and maintaining the fencing could reach nearly $50 billion over a 25-year period.

Sacramento Bee, January 10, 2007

Tucson, Mexizona, Cinco de Mayo, 2015 — President Jeb Bush-Gonzales has announced a 20 trillion Amero ($50 billion) plan, to be implemented over the next 25 years, to counter the insurgency by Americans in the lawless regions of Southwest Mexico del Norte.

"We've been relying too much on the National Guard to protect Mexican migrants seeking a better life in Mexico del Norte," said Bush-Gonzales in a speech to the National Aztlan Conference of Hidalgos. "Even with 20,000 additional troops being dispatched to the area to counter the dead-ender American loyalists, we need to look at the big picture. This plan will deal with the root causes of disorder — lack of Spanish-language proficiency, Anglo extremists who recruit young men in schools funded by Australians, entire urban blocks without a single taqueria."

The Bush-Gonzales initiative calls for major civilian involvement, including 100,000 social workers to provide counseling and administer welfare payments to the unemployed, who have grown to 90 percent of the state population since the Amnesty Bill (officially called the Guest Worker Bill) was passed in 2007. In addition, they will perform outreach in remote areas of Old Mexico and Central America where residents may not be fully aware of the opportunities up north.

"It isn't enough that our new Mexican Americans aren't doing the work that Americans won't not do," Bush noted. "We need to make sure there aren't underserved populations that are denied the opportunity to not do the work that Mexican Americans are not doing that Americans won't do."

Family values don't stop at the border, the president said, "because there is no border."

Critics scoffed at the idea of building a fence around Southwest Mexico del Norte to prevent intrusions by American militants. "We blew 468,677,200,299,218,348.204.98 Ameros trying to bring hearts and minds to Iraq," said Alberto Q. Indigenos, El Jefe de Ciudads Unidos de Calexico. "Now we need to look after our homies. We must provide jobs programs for gringos so there will be more work they won't do, so there will be more work for our people to not do."

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