Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The last days of free Britain

The recent U.K. Channel 4 "Dispatches" program has received a lot of attention -- except in the country most directly concerned -- but I'm not sure how many people elsewhere have actually seen it; I don't think it has been broadcast anywhere else. But the blog "State of the Oldest Nation," based in India, has made it available on YouTube, at least until YouTube's owner, left-leaning Google, removes it. Click here to view it.

Shocking stuff? To you and me, maybe, but not in the U.K. The media there, other than Channel 4, have scarcely mentioned it and the dhimmi politicians, in a self-debasing contest for the Muslim vote, dare not take any notice. Today's jellyfish Brits can't be bothered to worry about domestic imams who'd like to cut their throats for them. They have more important things on what passes for their minds: binge drinking, gambling, and football, all at the same time if possible.

It's hard to doubt that life has become so awful in the U.K. that most people there would just as soon opt out. Freedom? What a drag. A Muslim dictatorship and sharia law? Bring it on.

Can this be the country that produced Shakespeare and Johnson and Chesterton and countless other credits to mankind, that gave the lifeblood of many of its citizens to stop Hitler? No. It is not that country.


Vanishing American said...

Rick, I'm interested in why you think things have deteriorated so much in the UK. Or do you think that what is portrayed in the media is not what the 'real people' of the UK think?
I confess I have not been in the UK for some time.
When I was last there, London had begun changing due to mass immigration and friends of mine were very vocally unhappy about it. I wonder if there is a lot of dissent bubbling beneath the surface? I certainly hope the people of the UK aren't completely neutered and defeated.

Rick Darby said...

I don't want to be too simplistic and ascribe the deterioration of the U.K. to any single cause. The following seem to be in the mix:

You don't have to be in Britain for more than a few hours to realize what a dysfunctional country it is. Things don't work well there. A lingering sense of politeness means you'll hear constantly, "Oh, I'm sorry" and "I'm afraid we can't … " and "Sorry about that, mate." When a Brit wakes up knowing that the day, like all the others, is going to be a series of problems and frustrations, it engenders what some psychotherapists call "learned helplessness."

The pervasive no-can-do attitude is probably owing partly to a dumbed-down, politically correct education system that systematically downplays the counry's historical achievements; but more basically to the varying degrees of socialism and Marxism that have dominated the government for 60 years. Several generations now have come to expect that it's the government's job to run everything and fix everything, and the individual's to pay his taxes and carry on.

These factors are magnified because the U.K. doesn't have any sort of federal system like the U.S.; counties are little more than administrative districts; local councils run housing estates and that's about it. A centralized bureaucracy is in charge of almost every aspect of government, with all that implies about remoteness from actual situations and rule by theory.

The spiritual side of life seems practically absent. People in Britain lack a transcendent purpose; the only point to their existence is to make money and have a good time. But it's hard to be happy, as opposed to enjoying transient pleasure, if you think you inhabit a materialistic, ultimately meaningless universe.

Not to be discounted is the influence of the wide open immigration policy. Britain has become balkanized, further eroding any sense of national unity or purpose.

I don't doubt that many Britons are unhappy about how things are going -- just look at the numbers who are emigrating. Commenters on blogs are often to be found saying the anger is building up, people won't take it much longer, etc. Maybe, but after reading such comments for years now, I can't help being a little skeptical. In a centralized state, further restricted by unofficial ties to the European Union, ordinary people just don't have much power or influence.

Paul Weston said...

"It’s a sad day when traditional British values are only defended by skinheads who’ve toned down their act a little".

Britain's political problems encasulated in once sentance.

Bill Cooper said...

Goo post Rick. I haven;t come across 'State of the Oldest Nation' before, it's very interesting. Thanks.

Bill Cooper said...

Sorry Rick I meant to say Good.

Anonymous said...

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