Thursday, June 26, 2008


Above the Nasamonians, towards the south, in the district where the wild beasts abound, dwell the Garamantians, who avoid all society or intercourse with their fellow-men, have no weapons of war, and do not know how to defend themselves.

— Herodotus, The Persian Wars, Book IV.174

Even the BBC headlined this story "Harman pushes discrimination plan."
Equality minister Harriet Harman has set out plans to allow firms to discriminate in favour of female and ethnic minority job candidates. She said firms should be able to choose a woman over a man of equal ability if they wanted to - or vice versa. … Allowing positive discrimination would help organisations such as the police better reflect the communities they serve by recruiting more female and ethnic minority officers, said Ms Harman.
For the moment, you are still free in Britain to make consumer choices like what brand of breakfast cereal to consume. If you are very wealthy you can still be treated by a doctor in private practice, but most people will have their lives prolonged, or not, by a dysfunctional National Health Service. Otherwise, almost every detail of your life will be guided by regulations or "recommendations" of the State — nowadays, not even a British one, but the European Union.


In Scotland, your employer is "encouraged" to monitor your weight.
Workers will type in their weight every morning – using Government-provided software – allowing occupational health staff to spot significant weight gain and offer early help, under the scheme unveiled by ministers.
If you are a grocery wholesalers, you can be banned from selling (or even giving away) a consignment of 5,000 kiwi fruits because they are one millimeter too small to meet EU regulations.

Your every twitch in public places will be recorded on CCTV cameras.


Citizens in the modern West — especially if their ancestors were foolish enough to be Anglo-Saxon or Celtic — seem to me more and more to resemble the Garamantians of the fifth century B.C. in Libya that Herodotus wrote about.

Their brains have been undeveloped by education whose standards are set abysmally low so no stupid child can fail, and atrophied by sex- and celebrity-obsessed media, so they have no social life worthy of the name because they have nothing to talk about. They have no weapons because that's not nice, and anyway, there are no enemies, just friends who don't understand them yet.

They are too naive to defend themselves against human predators. They are helpless against their own rulers who tell them that all the restrictions they live under are for their own good and exist to make everybody equal, except those unprotected classes who don't deserve equality because they're natural born oppressors.


We don't know anything more about the Garamantians than what Herodotus tells us, and he is famously not to be trusted as a historical source (although I think he made a sincere effort to tell fact from fiction, but had to rely a lot on hearsay). There is one thing we do know about the Garamantians, however.

They no longer exist.



earthman92 said...

Damn sad. Glad my ancestor made it out in 1800. I had hoped to go for a visit, too late now I suppose...

Greg said...

We are in a pickle, us Brits certainly. Sadly, our simplest road to freedom is blocked by some of those who say they are our friend.

The only absolutely non-negotiable policy uniting all 'acceptable' parties is support for Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state. And all that we require not to go the way of the Garamantians is for our people to decide they are due equal consideration from their government in this respect as are the Jewish people.

But there's anti-semitism you see, while there isn't, for some reason, any anti-gentilism. And this double-standard includes people like Laurence Auster, who would quickly disavow the BNP if it were to propose that we Brits had (by necessity) equal grounds to consider ourselves as distinct from Jews as Jews do from us.

This heading us off at the pass-to-freedom, is also, I think, why he opposes the word "indigenous" applied to Europeans.

(And also why he opposes 'victimilogy' - which would see currently disenfranchised peoples appeal for the advantages enjoyed most conspicuously by Jews; and the work of Kevin Macdonald - who says pretty much exactly what Auster does about Jews, but advises non-Jewish peoples to emulate some of their discriminatory policies.)

Lawrence Auster said...

How pathetic is Greg in his miscomprehension.

The BNP has a history as a seriously anti-Semitic organization that totally marginalized it. BNP's own leader—on HIS initiative, not MINE—has led a serious intellectual effort over the last several years to reject that anti-Semitic past. I have consistently praised him for that effort. Sounds like Greg ought to complaining about Nick Griffin, not about me.

Second, the fact that Greg thinks my criticism of the word "indigenous" is aimed at WEAKENING the British people, rather than at STRENGTHENING them by getting them to drop a self-description that makes them sound like the equivalent of a third-world people, shows him as so stupid that he's not deserving of being treated with minimal respect.

Greg said...

Except to display your usual tribal solipsism, you don't respond Mr Auster.

If you and your fellows weren't so prone to this behaviour, you might allow Nick Griffin to appeal on behalf of us for equality with you.

That you choose to perpetuate the double standard, justifies suspicion that other postures you adopt - which also have the same deletirous effect on European peoples - are based on the same tribal concerns.

Greg said...

This discussion at is relevant.

I believe James Bowery phrases it perfectly in the comments following his post 'Declaration of Freedom':

Jewish virulence expresses primarily in the elimination of exclusion.

Greg said...

Final post unless anyone responds soon. Just a link to a blog and comments thread where many defensible ideas are discussed which Laurence Auster and Paul Gottfired won't allow in to the debates they control at VFR and Takimag.

People should ask questions of those who demand the right to rule over them, and may rightly decide not to permit this attempted rule - this is not anti-Jewish.

The link.

Tanstaafl said...

Citizens in the modern West — especially if their ancestors were foolish enough to be Anglo-Saxon or Celtic — seem to me more and more to resemble the Garamantians of the fifth century B.C. in Libya that Herodotus wrote about.

Hello Whitians. Unlike the Garamantians when we're gone we won't be discussed in passing, wistful tones. We'll be held up as the absolute epitome of evil. In fact, it's already happening and we're not even gone yet.

We're White, We're Indigenous, Get Used to It.

I'm very familiar with Auster's idiosyncracies Greg. No, he's not comfortable outside his own echo chamber.